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Easter Felt Rabbits – Easy to Make Tutorial

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How cute are these Easter felt rabbits? Well, to be honest, they are cute and suitable all year round – no need to wait for Easter! They are really easy to make and they are all hand sewn so no sewing machine needed. You can also get older kids to make them and learn some hand sewing stitches.

The rabbit has become associated with Easter in the same way that many traditions start. They are a combination of old religions and new. The rabbit symbolised new life in old religions that worshipped many gods and goddesses. The Easter Bunny was borne out of folklore and now the story says that the Easter Bunny brings Easter eggs to children.

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Why not make your own DIY felt rabbit family? This tutorial includes a free felt rabbit pattern. So, let’s get started and make some cute felt rabbits.

If you like to watch a craft tutorial then please scroll down to the bottom of these instructions for a great video!

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You will need:

Felt in 3 different colours (Amazon suggestion)

Embroidery Thread (Like this from Amazon)


Toy Filling (really small amount)

Pattern Sheet – available free to download here.

felt Easter rabbits - what you need

Cut out your Felt Rabbit Pieces

Decide on the size of rabbit that you want. If you want a larger rabbit simply scale up the pattern using your printer or a photocopier. Cut out the paper pieces so that you have them all (one body, tummy, tail and two ears).

rabbit pattern pieces

Place the pattern piece on your felt and draw around your pattern pieces. Remember that you need 2 bodies. The colours are up to you!

TIP: Use an air erasing marker or something that will not show up very well later. Then if you do not cut off all the pen it will not show on your rabbit. I have used a permanent marker so that it shows up in the video and tutorial instructions.

Cut out all your pieces!

felt rabbit felt pieces

Give your Rabbit a Face

The first task is to give your rabbit a face. Take one of the body pieces and move the others away for the moment. Thread your needle with some black embroidery thread.

On the head of your rabbit sew a few (I used 4) stitches in a small arc to produce an eye.

felt rabbit eye started

Then add 4 eyelashes using simple straight stitches.

felt rabbit eye completed

Now repeat for the other eye! Take the thread through to the back of the felt and fasten it off. Do not worry if they are not completely identical, mine never are!

 two eyes completed

Thread your needle with pink yarn for the nose and mouth (or your chosen colour). Bring the needle through from the back of the felt under the eyes to start the nose. Use small stitches to form a triangle.

nose started

Now work small stitches across the triangle until it is filled in. It is up to you whether you work over your triangle or inside it, whatever you think looks best. I often end up with a few of both types.

nose completed

Now add your smile! Simply use small stitches and backstitch to form the mouth into the shape you like. Take the thread to the back of the felt and fasten it off.

felt rabbit completed face

Add the Rabbit’s Tummy & Ears

Place the tummy piece onto the body front that you added the face to. Position it centrally so that you are happy with it. Then, fasten down using blanket stitch. Use small stitches and work steadily around the tummy until you have gone all the way around.

You are going to use blanket stitch for the rest of the rabbit so it is worth mastering it. If you need help with blanket stitch then check out the full step by step guide and video.

sewing tummy onto felt rabbit closeup

Now repeat this with the two ears. Place them both on your rabbit to make sure you get the right one on each ear. If you are not happy with them simply cut them down until you are. Once you are happy sew them in place using blanket stitch.

Sew on a Tail (Scut)

Yes, a rabbit’s tail really is called a scut. We have always called them bobtails! Anyway, take the other body piece (the back) and sew your small round tail in place using blanket stitch.

felt rabbit tail sewn on

Complete your Rabbit

Now both body pieces are complete it is time to sew them together. You are going to do this with a blanket stitch. You can use a matching or contrasting thread. I recommend starting along one side of the tummy and working up and over the ears first.

sewing felt rabbit bodies together closeup

As you work your way around the ears you must add toy filling as you go if you want any in there. I recommend only adding a tiny bit and then completing the sewing around them.

stuffing felt rabbit ears

Continue with this approach as you work your way down the head and body. Sew a little way and then add a little filling and continue until you have added as much filling as you want and completed the stitching all the way around.

stuffing felt rabbit body

Fasten off your thread and then you are finished. Now you can make as many as you like and ‘grow’ a whole bunny family!


These little felt rabbits are cute just as they are but you can play around with them. You will notice that one of mine has a heart for a tummy rather than an oval.

They are also a great size for living in a large matchbox. I took a large matchbox and covered it in matching felt. Then I made a small sheet, pillow and duvet and immediately I have a little bed and carry case for my rabbit. I think that it is adorable!

easter rabbit in bed box

You could fasten them up on a string to make a garland or make sure that you do not add too much stuffing and send them out in the post to friends and family as Easter gifts. How about using one as an Easter decoration? Let me know in the comments below any more great ideas that you have.

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I hope that you feel inspired and make a loads of cute felt rabbits. If you want even more inspiration then check me out on Pinterest where I curate even more great craft ideas.

Easter Felt rabbits

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