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  • fully lined drawstring bag

    How to Make a Fully Lined Drawstring Bag with Boxed Bottom

    A fully lined drawstring bag is so practical but incredibly stylish. A matching or contrasting lining really makes an ordinary storage item into a unique stylish solution. You can make one whatever size you like so they are suitable for large items like sports equipment and they also make…

  • Simple tote Bag in use
    Craft,  Sewing

    How to Sew a Simple, Easy Tote Bag with Pattern

    Everyone loves a tote bag. They are so stylish and practical. They are great for so many activities such as carrying study materials, school books, shopping, craft supplies, etc. This super simple easy tote bag is so quick to make and really does require only basic sewing skills. In…

  • jeans rear pocket decorated with button flower yellow
    Craft,  Sewing

    How to Decorate your Jeans with Buttons

    Do you love to wear jeans but sometimes wish they were a bit more individual? You can decorate your jeans in many different ways to make them unique. In this tutorial I am going to show you how you can quickly and easily decorate your jeans with buttons. It…

  • grey wooden stool in kitchen

    How to Paint a Wooden Stool

    In this tutorial I am going to show you how I gave this cute wooden stool a makeover. It was old and tired but the perfect size to stand on and reach into those high up cupboards. Now, I am tall but not everyone else is so it will…

  • pink peony tissue paper flower

    How to Make Tissue Paper Peony Flowers

    Tissue paper flowers are so pretty and so easy to make. Why wouldn’t you want lots of different kinds for different rooms or events? They make great gifts and also great centrepieces in your home. These tissue paper peony flowers seem really detailed yet they are still just as…

  • completed tissue paper flower

    How to Make Easy Tissue Paper Flowers

    We have all seen tissue paper flowers of various kinds. They are so quick and cheap to make that they remain very popular. There are of lots of different kinds of tissue paper flowers and this step by step tutorial is just going to show you one method. It…