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How to Make a Fabric Corner Bookmark

This tutorial will show you exactly how to make a quick fabric corner bookmark, or corner book marker. These are great for using up fabric scraps and make lovely gifts. They are great to give with a book or gift card to make the gift extra special. You could even use themed fabric to match the book! It will only take you about 15 minutes to make one so what are you waiting for?

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Fabric Corner Bookmark

You will need:

Basic sewing supplies

Iron and ironing board

Three squares of fabric 10cm x 10cm (4″ x 4″). Great craft for fat quarters like these from Amazon.

I chose to have the triangle in a different fabric on the bookmark so I had 1 square of that fabric and 1 of the other.

2 squares of iron-on interfacing 10cm x 10cm (4″ x 4″)

If you like to watch a craft being done then scroll down to the bottom of this tutorial and watch me making one of these.

Cut shapes


Step 1: Attach Interfacing

Cut one square of interfacing into 2 equal triangles. The easiest way is to fold it in half diagonally and cut along the fold. You will only use one of these. Save the other for your next bookmark!

Iron this triangle of interfacing to the back of the fabric square that you are going to use for the front triangle of your bookmark.

Interfacing triangle ironed on

Now fold this along the edge of the interfacing to form the triangle. Right sides of fabric should be showing. Press.

Triangle Formed

Iron the square piece of interfacing onto the back of one of the other squares of fabric.

Square of interfacing ironed on

Step 2: Assemble and sew the bookmark

Now place the square of fabric that you attached the interfacing to on the table, face up. Place the triangle of fabric on top in the correct place to form the bookmark.

Triangle in place

Place the remaining square of fabric on top, face down. Now pin the three items together ready to sew around them.

Fabric Corner Bookmark Pinned

Now sew around the square approximately 0.5cm (1/8″) from the edge leaving a gap along the bottom large enough to turn the bookmark out through.


Step 3: Turn out and finish

Clip the corners of the bookmark and trim the seam allowances down if necessary.

Bookmark sewn and clipped

Turn the bookmark out and press making sure that you turn in the hem at the bottom.

Turned and pressed

Sew around the bookmark close to the edge. This will make it look smart and also close up the open seam. Your fabric corner bookmark is now completed.

Completed Fabric Corner Bookmark

I have made a few of these as they are so quick and easy to make.

Fabric Corner Bookmarks

Key things that I learned making these are:

You must make sure everything is square to get a good finish

If you want a picture on the front triangle you must be careful how you cut out your fabric square

You can vary the size as you wish (one of mine is deliberately smaller)

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Please let me know below what you think of these or if you make your own. Any suggestions for future tutorials also welcome.

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Fabric Corner Bookmark


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