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Turn Trash into Treasure: Transform an Old Plastic Bangle into a Stylish Bangle Bracelet

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Is there anything better than taking old stuff and turning it into something new? Well, search your jewellery box and find those old plastic bangles you loved years ago. Then use this tutorial to upcycle them into some stylish bangle bracelets to match your current outfits.

As this tutorial is most definitely all about sustainable crafting it is part of the April sustainable craft blog hop. The theme this month is Vibrant and what could be better than vibrant bracelets made from items that you would normally throw away?

At the end of this tutorial you will find all the other fabulous vibrant crafts so take a look and be inspired!

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You will need:

  • plastic bangle – any size you like
  • fabric strip (1″ wide)
  • Glue – multi purpose or hot melt glue will work

Video Tutorial

This video is also available on my YouTube channel.

Create your new Bangle Bracelet

Cut your fabric into strips that are approximately 1″ wide. If you have a long length that is great but if you have short lengths don’t worry. You will simply have more gluing to do!

Press a small hem along one side of the fabric length. This should be approximately 1/4″. None of the measurements are crucial, they are just a guide.

fabric strip

Add a small amount of your chosen glue to the inside of your plastic bangle and glue one end of your fabric strip to it (wrong side of fabric against the bangle). Then wrap the fabric strip around the bangle repeatedly making sure that you use the hemmed side to cover the raw edge as you go.

glue fabric strip to plastic bangle

If you have short lengths of fabric, as you reach the end of each strip simply glue it to the inside of the bangle. If it finishes on the outside of the bangle simply trim it to finish inside.

Then start a new strip in the same place.

Once you get back to where you started, trim the strip to length (leaving a small amount for a fold). Then glue the end of the strip over to hide the raw edge and glue it to the inside of the bangle.

Make sure your fabric strip is secure and if necessary wait for the glue to dry.

fabric covered bracelet

Congratulations on your stylish new DIY bangle bracelet. Now enjoy wearing it and make some more to match your other outfits. If you make your own clothes you can make them in the same fabric as your outfit!

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