bird feeder with wall behind

DIY Bird Feeder – Made from Popsicle Sticks

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This cute bird feeder is made from popsicle sticks or depending where you live in the world craft sticks or lolly sticks. Whatever you call them they are great for making loads of items. This bird feeder is quick and easy to make and is a great craft project to make with kids.

In winter, birds need a little help to cope with the extreme cold and a bird feeder will encourage them into your garden where you can enjoy watching them fly about. It is a great way to encourage kids to be interested too.

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You will need:

Craft sticks

String or twine


Glue (hot melt glue or waterproof wood glue)

Varnish or sealant (recommended)

If you like watching video instructions then scroll down to the bottom of this article to see a video showing how I made my bird feeder. If you like a written tutorial then follow along.

Assemble the base of the Bird Feeder

Take a handful of sticks and line them up against a straight edge. Use another stick to identify how many sticks you need to form the square base.

popsicle sticks lined up

Now you need 2 sticks to join them all together. It is also advisable to have some more in between so that they stabilise the base. This is how I laid mine out.

underside of bird feeder

Once you are happy with the layout apply glue to each of the sticks that you have arranged on your base in turn and glue them to the base sticks. This can be a bit tricky and the sticks can move about but persevere. If you are using hot melt glue it will dry immediately but if you are using wood glue you will now need to leave it to dry.

Build up Sides of Bird Feeder

Once your glue is dry turn the base over and you are ready to start building up the walls around your feeder that will hold the bird food in place.

Start by gluing 2 sticks directly onto either side of the base exactly as you did underneath it. Cover the whole of one side of each stick in glue.

building up the sides of the bird feeder

Then add 2 further sticks along the other 2 edges of the base. Note that you will only need glue on the ends of the sticks as they will stick onto the 2 sticks you just attached.

glue on popsicle stick
second layer of bird feeder

You have now formed the basic pattern that you are going to follow.

Optional: Perches for Birds

If you would like to add some perches for the birds then now is the time. Either use shorter sticks or cut one in half or glue full length sticks in place. Glue the cut end or half way along your long sticks onto the sticks that you first attached to the base as shown below. Note: that they are at opposite corners for balance.

Perches attached to bird feeder

Complete Sides of Bird Feeder

Now regardless of whether you have added perches or not continue building up the sides of your bird feeder until they are the depth you like. They do not have to be very deep. They are just holding some bird food in place and you do not want it too heavy.

It should look like this.

bird feeder on table

If you want to treat your bird feeder so that it lasts a little longer then now is the time to do it. I do recommend treating them as they are quite delicate. I also recommend hanging them somewhere sheltered. For example you could hang it on a porch or under an existing bird table.

Attach Twine

Now you just need to attach some string or twine to hang the feeder. Take 2 lengths of twine twice as long as you want your hanger to be. Take one of these and tie it around one corner of your feeder near the bottom.

attaching twine hanger

Repeat with the other end to the diagonally opposite corner.

Now repeat this whole process with the other length of twine and the other 2 corners.

Once you are happy with them knot them together to form a hanging loop at the top.

Congratulations you have now completed your DIY bird feeder. Decide where to hang it, fill it with food and watch the birds enjoy your work. It is up to you what you place in your feeder but I used a mixture of suet, mealworms, seeds and nuts. That way it attracts lots of different birds.

bird feeder with wall behind

Video Instructions

If you prefer to watch me making the bird feeder then here is a video tutorial.

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popsicle stick bird feeder

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    1. You would definitely need to treat it first. I recommend hanging it under a bird table or in an open porch so that it gets some protection.

  1. Great little fun project to do with the kids !! Particularly on a wet day when everyone is tuck indoors. We all know that it obviously wouldn’t last too long exposed to all weathers. However you could use exterior animal safe paints to preserve the wood, additionally you could use garden wire instead of the twine to improve longevity. Keep up the good work !!

    1. Thank you. Yes, that is why I recommend a sheltered spot. It also depends on your climate. It is very wet here so I need mine protecting.

  2. This is such a cute idea! My girls have been asking to get a bird feeder but I keep forgetting. We are needing some more activities for art so this is the perfect fit to make everyone happy! Thank you so much for the thorough tutorial and great idea!

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