Teabag wallet

Teabag Wallet Tutorial – How to Sew

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I do not drink tea so I always carry my own ‘teabags’. In fact, they are fruit and herbal infusions (no tea involved). But using a small plastic bag is not ideal and I sometimes burst teabags in my handbag or pocket. So, I decided to make a teabag wallet to carry them around.

This tutorial will show you exactly how to make  a gorgeous little teabag wallet to take your own teabags out with you. Never be caught without again! Great gift idea too!

Teabag wallet

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You Will Need:

Two different fabrics (fat quarters are ideal) Like these from Amazon

I have also made one using fabric paper. Learn how to make fabric paper here.

Iron on interfacing

One button

Basic sewing supplies (scissors, thread, needle, sewing machine)

I have used white thread so that you can see it but the best results are achieved with a matching thread.

Equipment for teabag wallet

If you like watching a tutorial then scroll down to the bottom of the written tutorial and watch my video tutorial.

Cut out fabric

From the fabric that you want to use as the main part of the wallet cut the following pieces:

17.5cm x 12.5cm (7″ x 5″) – 2 off

17.5cm x 4cm (7″ x 1.6″) – 1 off for strap

Outer Fabric - 2 pieces
Strap piece

From the fabric that you want to use for the inner pockets of the wallet cut the following pieces:

17.5cm x 10cm (7″ x 4″) – 1 off

17.5cm x 7.5cm (7″ x 3″) – 1 off

Pocket pieces

From the interfacing cut a piece 17.5cm x 12.5cm (7″ x 5″)

Prepare pieces

Iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of one of the main wallet pieces.

Interfacing ironed on

Fold a small double hem along the top of each of the pocket pieces and press them. The hem should be approximately 1cm (0.4″). Sew them in place.

Pocket hems pressed
pocket hems sewn

Make the strap

Make the strap. Take the strap piece and fold it in half along its length. Press.

Strap folded in half

Now open it out again and press each side into the centre.

Strap folded to centre

Refold along the centre fold and press. You now have the strap ready to sew.

Strap ready to sew

Sew the strap along its length and then fold it in half and sew the ends next to one another as shown below. This prevents the strap from moving about when you sew it to the wallet.

Strap sewn

Sew pockets

Sew the large pocket onto the main wallet piece that does not have interfacing on it. Sew it 5cm (2″) from the top of the pocket with the wrong side of the pocket on top of the right side of the main wallet piece. This allows your teabag to sit in the pocket but not go too far down and be difficult to get out.

Large pocket sewn on

Assemble the teabag wallet

Assemble the wallet. Place the small pocket on top of the large pocket as shown.

Small pocket in place

Position the strap onto the pockets as shown.

Strap in place

Place the interfaced main wallet piece on top of all of this, right side down. Now pin everything together around the edge ensuring nothing moves. I recommend pinning the strap section first and then around the pockets at the bottom of the wallet. Leave a section at the top open to turn it the right way out.

Teabag wallet pinned

Now sew around the pinned edge approximately 1cm (0.4″) from the edge. Remember to keep an opening to turn it the right side out! Clip the corners.

Corners clipped

Top sew

Turn the wallet the right way out and press it. Top sew around the wallet. This makes an excellent feature and sews up the hole you left without any hand sewing. Sew a line down the centre of the wallet to make two halves.

Teabag wallet sewn

Now simply add some teabags and then decide where your button needs to be. The teabag addition before sewing on the button makes the wallet the correct size for usage. Then sew on the button and you are finished.

Teabag wallet
Teabag wallet

Video Tutorial

Now you can take your own teabag wallet anywhere you like and never be caught without your favourite teabags! If you want to adapt your teabag wallet to take more teabags simply make it taller and add another pocket. Also if you want your button nearer the opening then simply make your strap shorter. Adjust the instructions to suit your requirements.

Enjoy your sewing and tea drinking!

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teabag wallet

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