Three silk ball flowers

Silk Ball Flowers – Make Your Own

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These adorable little silk ball flowers are ideal for accessorising so many items. They can be sewn or glued onto bags, hairslides, clips and many more. They are quick and easy to make and I have really enjoyed making them. It is quite relaxing, not too fiddly!

How to make Silk ball flowers

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You will need:

Silk fabric (or you could make these with other soft, thin fabrics)

Embroidery thread (matching or contrasting)

Toy filling/stuffing (really small amount)

Small bead



Air erasable pen (or similar)

A round template approximately 15cm (6″) in diameter (I used a plastic cooking bowl)

At the bottom of this tutorial is a video showing you how I made my silk flower.

Step 1: Cut out your circle

Place your circular template onto your silk and draw around it. Then cut out your circle.

Circle marked

Circle cut out





Step 2: Sew around the circle

Thread your needle with a long length of your embroidery thread. Fold a small hem around the circle and sew it in place. Make sure your thread is secure as you will be drawing it up.

Hem started

Hem completed





Step 3: Stuff and fasten off the circle

Draw the hem up to make a shape that you can put stuffing in. Put stuffing into the ball that you have formed.

Drawing hem up Stuffing ball




Once you are happy with the shape complete drawing up the hem to form a ball. Fasten off the thread but do not cut it off.

Hem drawn up Ball shape





Step 4: Form the petals

Take the thread around the outside of the ball and push it down through the centre of the top of the ball and back out of the bottom of the ball. Draw it tight.

Needle in top Thread drawn tight








Repeat this process and make sure the thread wraps around the opposite side of the ball.

Second thread

Repeat this process twice more to form four ‘petals’. Secure the thread but do not cut it off. If you want more petals simply complete this step more times.

Four petals done


Step 5: Add a bead

Push the needle back through the ball so that it comes out where the threads meet on the top of the ball. Thread the bead onto the needle. Push the needle back through the ball where the threads meet.

Thread through ball Bead on needle Needle through ball












Fasten off the thread and cut it off.


Thread fastened off



So, now you have a completed silk ball flower and how quick was that? Now you can attach it to anything you like. Here are some I made.

Three silk ball flowers


Project Ideas:

Here are a couple of projects I used my silk ball flowers for – great for keeping all those papers tidy:

Silk ball flower

Silk ball flower on peg


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Good luck with your silk ball flowers and let me know what you use yours for in the comments section below.

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How to make Silk ball flowers

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