Fabric Hexagons

This tutorial shows you exactly how to make gorgeous fabric hexagons with very little sewing. In fact, you could glue the completed hexagon together and do no sewing at all! I have made them in various sizes and used them for a couple of different uses. They could be used as a brooch or to decorate just about anything. How about a cushion cover made from them?

Fabric Hexagons pin 2

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You Will Need:

Fabric of your choice (fat quarters are ideal)

A circular template (I used kitchen plates)

Fabric Scissors


Needle & thread or fabric glue

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Step 1:

Place your template onto the fabric. Mark the circle. I use an air-erasing fabric marker. Cut out your circle. The following list shows you the diameter of the circle I used and the size of hexagon it produced (all sizes approximate).

Circle Diameter                         Hexagon Side Length

26cm (10″)                                            7cm (3″)

22cm (8.5″)                                            6.5cm (2.5″)

17.5cm (7″)                                           5cm (2″)

11cm (4.25″)                                          3cm (1.25″)

The pictures in this tutorial are for the largest hexagon.

Fabric Hexagons - circle

Step 2:

Find the centre of your circle. You do this by folding it in half and pressing it. 

Fabric Hexagons - half circle

Then fold it in half again (quarter of a  circle) and press it again. 

Fabric Hexagons - quarter circle

The centre is where the two fold meet and should be clear. If it is not, re-fold the circle and press it again.

Fabric Hexagons - centre of circle

Step 2:

Fold the bottom edge of the circle up to the centre of the circle and press it firmly in place.

Fabric Hexagons - first fold

Step 3:

You can now work clockwise or anti-clockwise. I worked in a clockwise direction. Take the point that you have made and fold it up to the centre of the circle. Press it in place firmly.

Step 4:

Continuing to work in a clockwise direction, take the new point and fold it to the centre of the circle.

Fabric hexagons - third fold

Repeat this process all the way around the circle.

Fabric Hexagons - fourth fold
Fabric Hexagons - fifth fold

Now you have a hexagon made from fabric. You can glue it in place or sew it in place.

Step 5:

Let the creative juices flow and decide what to do with your hexagon(s). I think that a button in the centre just finishes them off and, of course, it hides my sewing. I made a selection of hexagons from various fabrics in various sizes and then assembled them into my projects.

Fabric hexagons completed
Fabric hexagons assembled


I made a brooch and decorated a simple cotton shopping bag. You can do whatever you can think of and I would be interested to hear how you use your fabric hexagons. Let me know via the comments section below.

Fabric hexagons Brooch
Shopping Bag

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So, remember to pin this tutorial for later!

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