Clothespin Bag sewn

Clothespin / Peg Bag To Make

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Whatever you call them, most of us use pegs or clothespins to peg our washing out to dry.  Putting your laundry outside to dry is obviously a great way of saving money and the planet in one go. You need to get your clothespins to the washing line you are using. There are several main types of clothespin bag but I prefer to carry my clothespins around with me so I make my own ‘over shoulder’ clothespin bag. It means that I always have a clothespin when I want one! They are really easy to make and I am going to show you how.

Peg bag pin

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You Will Need:

Material of a reasonable thickness. It must be robust enough to cope with regular use so perhaps a canvas or upholstery fabric – at least 135cm by 35cm (53″ by 14″).

Webbing for the handle (length depends on your height but my strap is 120cm (47″) long) My webbing  is 4cm (1.5″) wide. Like this at Amazon

Wooden dowel 30cm (12″). Like these at Amazon

Thread and basic sewing supplies.

Material and dowel

Video Tutorial

You can also find this video on my YouTube channel.

Step 1: Cut and sew side seams

If not already done cut the dowel to 30cm (12″) and the fabric to 135cm by 35cm (53″ by 14″).

Fold the fabric in half, right sides together, and pin along the sides as shown.

Fabric Folded and pinned

Sew these seams. Cut the corners to remove bulk and then turn the ‘bag’ the right way out. Press it flat.

Step 2: Form dowel pocket

Measure 6cm (2.5″) down from the open end of your ‘bag’ and sew a seam across the bag at this position. Note: if your dowel is really thick you may need to increase this measurement.

First seam on bag

Step 3: Insert dowel and secure it.

Turn and press a hem of 3cm (1.25″) all the way along the top of the ‘bag’. The hem should face inwards as shown in the pictures below.

Dowel pocket fold
Dowel pocket fold

Place the dowel into the pocket that you have made.

Dowel in pocket

Place the ends of your strap into the pocket at equal distances from each end. I positioned mine 4cm (1.5″) from the edge of the bag. Ensure that they are well inserted so that they get caught in your stitching.   Pin and then sew along the top of this pocket trapping the dowel inside. I also sewed over the straps again so that they were really secure.

Dowel pocket pinned
Dowel pocket sewn

Step 4: Form the pocket

Now to form the bag. Fold the  fabric up to form a 28cm (11″) pocket. Pin and sew along these side seams to form the pocket.

Bag pocket pinned
Clothespin Bag sewn

You now have a completed clothespin (or peg) bag. It should last you many years. I have just made this to replace the last one I made (I even used the same dowel) and that one had lasted about 5 years. I expect this one to last longer as the material is thicker.

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I hope that you found this tutorial useful and I would love to read your comments below. I read them all and answer everything that I can.

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Peg bag pin

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