Woolly Hat Ornaments

These woolly hat ornaments are so easy to make and look fantastic hanging from a Christmas tree. You can use up all your old yarn scraps or buy yarn to match your decor. They are great for kids to make and cost so little. I will show you exactly how to make them.

You Will Need:

Yarn of your choice

Toilet roll or kitchen roll tube

Tissue paper


Woolly Hat Ornaments equipment needed

Step 1:

Cut your toilet or kitchen roll tube down to approximately 2.5cm (1″). I got 4 out of one toilet roll tube. 

Wooly Hat Ornaments cut tubes

Cut approximately 40 lengths of yarn 30cm (12″) long. If you are doing a pattern then consider how many of each colour you may need. For this hat I did stripes so I cut 20 of each colour.

Woolly Hat Ornaments cut yarn.

Step 2:

You need to form the knots that make the hat. Firstly take one of the cut pieces of tube and one piece of cut yarn. Fold the yarn in half.

Woolly Hat Ornaments yarn folded in half

Place the folded yarn through the tube.

Woolly Hat Ornaments yarn through tube

Now wrap the ends of the yarn around the tube and pull them through the loop to form a knot.

Woolly Hat Ornaments forming knot

Pull it tight. The knot should be at the edge of the tube. 

Woolly Hat Ornaments first tight knot

Now you just have to repeat this until you are all the way around the tube. If you are doing a pattern make sure you stick to your pattern. In this case I did 2 of each colour to form the stripes.


Woolly Hat Ornaments several yarns completed

Ensure that you do enough yarn lengths to completely cover the tube. You do not want to be able to see the cardboard tube at all.


Woolly Hat Ornaments knots completed

Step 3:

Twist the yarns together.

Woolly Hat Ornaments Twisted Yarns

Push the twisted yarns through the tube to the other side. The knots are now at the ‘bottom’ of the hat.

Woolly Hat Ornaments yarn through tube

Step 4:

Now straighten the yarns and tie them together approximately 3cm (1″ to 1.25″) from the tube. I used a long length of one of the yarns. This will also form the hanging thread.


Woolly Hat Ornaments hat tied off

Step 5:

To make sure your hat keeps a nice shape push a little tissue paper into the hat. Be careful to support the hat shape without pushing the tissue paper between the yarns. You do not want to be able to see it through the hat.

Woolly Hat Ornaments tissue paper inserted

Step 6:

Finally trim off the yarn at the top of the hat to form your pom pom. It is your choice how long you want them. I have made four hats and tried different lengths for each. I prefer the shorter pom pom on the pink and blue hat!

Woolly Hat Ornaments cropped pom pom


These woolly hat ornaments are really easy to make and are great for kids to make. They get a very professional looking result really quickly. They make lovely gifts as well as complimenting your own Christmas decor.

Woolly Hat Ornaments Completed

So have a go and remember to pin this article so that you can find the instructions again. I would love to hear about your great hats! 

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Woolly Hat Ornament Pin 2

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