Completed earrings

Bead Earrings – super quick method

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Drop earrings are really easy to make and you do not need jewellery making experience or training. These bead earrings are delightful, light and can be made in under 10 minutes. You can easily make matching earrings and bracelet. If you would like to make a set see my other post with full instructions for making the gorgeous bracelet to match.

So much cheaper and easier than hunting round the shops for something to match that outfit or your eyes!

Earrings to make

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For Earrings You will Need:

Earring hooks and pins (basic jewellery supplies)

Beads of your choice

Round nosed pliers


If you are starting from scratch I recommend a starter kit like the ones below from Amazon.

Earring making equipment

Video Tutorial for Bead Earrings

This video is also available on my YouTube channel.

Earrings Step 1: Design

The first step is to design your ‘drop’ using your beads. This is best done on your pin so that you can assess the length of your design as you go along. You must leave enough pin without beads on it to form a loop. This is how you will hang the drop from the earring fitting.

Earring layout

Earrings Step 2: Form the drop & attach to hook

The final step is to complete the drop and attach it to the earring hook. Use the round nose pliers to form a loop on the end of the pin. This will not be completely closed yet because you still have to attach it to the earring hook .

Forming loop

Attach the earring hook to the newly formed hoop by feeding it onto the wire and closing the loop using your pliers. Your earring is now complete! Repeat this process for a matching pair.

Completed earrings

Alternatives to Earrings:

So, how quick was that? It was definitely less than 10 minutes! You can make loads of these drops really quickly. Here are a few I made to use as charms on bracelets or keyrings.

Drop examples
Charm bracelet

You can make many of these and make your own charm bracelet. Here is one I made using lots of drops. You could buy a bracelet to attach them to or make your own if you have the components.

So, now you can make loads of these earrings for gifts, perhaps with a matching bracelet. Let me know how you get on with your earrings in the comments section below.

How about making a cute gift bag for your earrings in just a few minutes using an envelope? Or how about the cutest gift box from an aerosol lid?

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