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15 Valentine’s Day Gifts (DIY) – the best craft tutorials on the internet

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Valentine’s Day Gifts can be tricky to get right. Do you want to show your other half how much you care on Valentine’s Day? Show them how special they are? What is the best gift you can give them? Hint: It is a finite resource that is the most precious thing you have. I am, of course, talking about your time. Spend as much time as possible with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day but really melt their heart with a hand made gift. No matter how crafty you are (or are not) there is a great creation for you to make.

This article will show you some of the best craft tutorials on the internet to show you how to make your Valentine’s Day gift this year. If you love crafting there will be something here for you but if you don’t do not despair. Many of these gifts do not require any special skills or tools. So, read on and be inspired. All these crafts include links to the original tutorials so you have all you need here to find a great gift to make.

I have updated this list for 2021 and there are actually 16 crafts included now – enjoy!

15 Best DIY Valentines Gifts

Lavender Bag Hearts

Valentine's Day Gifts - lavender bag hearts

I have started with lavender bags in the shape of hearts. This is a tutorial on this blog and includes a free printable template for the hearts. So show your loved one you care with lavender. They could use it to freshen their clothes and be reminded of you every time they open the drawer or they could place it under their pillow and be reminded of you every time they go to sleep.

Take a look at Lavender Bag Hearts.

Personalised Treat Map Hearts

Map heart gift bags - Valentines

These are brought to you by Claire at Pillar Box Blue. They are fabulous as you can use a map that is special to you to make it the ultimately personal gift. Many maps are available to download from the internet to print. You can then select a very personal or a fun gift to place inside.  Not difficult to make and they will not take you long.

Take a look at Personalised Treat Map Hearts.

Pink Rose Bouquet Crochet Flowers Pattern

 Pink rose bouquet crocheted

This fabulous crochet pattern is brought to you by Lily Sugar’n Cream at Favecrafts. These roses are so pretty and do not take too long to make if you are an experienced crocheter. You could even just make one for a romantic gesture.

Take a look at Pink Rose Bouquet Crochet Flowers Pattern

“Love you to Pieces” DIY Valentine Wreath

Love you to Pieces DIY Valentine wreath

How about a pretty wreath that shows your sweetheart exactly how you feel. This is really inexpensive to make and is so pretty. You could gift it to your love or use it as a decoration to set the scene. This detailed tutorial with free template is brought to you by Stacey at The Soccer Mom Blog. Take a look now at “Love you to Pieces” DIY Valentine Wreath.

Fabric Gift Cones

Valentines Day Fabric Cones

These fabric cones are fabulous for Valentine’s Day but actually you could make them for any gift depending on the fabric you selected. They are brought to you by Susan at Super Mom – No Cape. There is a fully detailed tutorial with great photographs to show you every step. These obviously involve sewing which is great fun.

Take a look at Fabric Gift Cones.

Felt Envelopes

Cute Felt Envelopes

These gorgeous little envelopes are made from felt and hand sewn. Great craft idea for adults and kids! These are brought to you by Anne at Wobisobi. There is a fabulous tutorial complete  with photos and a link to a youtube video if you prefer. Great idea to add notes or sweets to.

Take a look at Felt Envelopes 

Pine Cone Roses

Pine Cone Roses

Roses are undoubtedly closely linked with Valentine’s Day so here are some more that you can create. These pine cone roses are so unusual but actually quite easy to make. The tutorial shows you step by step how to make them. Obviously if you changed the colour they could match your decor or be used for a different holiday. They are brought to you by Sonja and Jane of Sustain my Craft Habit.

Take a look at Pine Cone Roses.

Heart Hand  Warmers

Heart Hand Warmers

How about literally warming your chosen one? These great little hand warmers are quick and easy to make but will surely melt any heart. They are brought to you by Becky of  Patchwork Posse. It is a short tutorial with lots of ideas for fabrics and colours.

Take a look at Heart Hand Warmers.

Memory Candles

Memory Candles

This is a fabulous tutorial which shows you in a step by step tutorial how to transfer your photos onto a glass or bottle. It is up to you whether you use a candle or not. It is surprisingly straightforward (not that I have tried it yet). The most personal gift for Valentine’s Day if you get the right photo. These are brought to you by Inspired Ideas.

Take a look at Memory Candles.

Flower by Hearts Card

Flowers Heart card
Momdot Logo

Everyone needs a card for Valentine’s Day. What about this beautiful flower card made from hearts? It is really effective but not too hard to make. There is  full tutorial and it is also great for making with kids. These are brought to you by Stephanie of

Take a look at Flowers by Hearts Card.

Paper Fortune Cookies

Paper Valentine Fortune Cookies

These paper fortune cookies are so quick and easy, They are a great craft for kids to make but work equally well for adults. Simple but beautiful they would really make your meal special. There are step by step instructions and a video to help you. These are brought to you by Jackie at Happy Hooligans.

Take a look at Paper Fortune Cookies.

Squeakers the Otter

Squeakers The Otter

If you like sewing and have a bit more time to spend on your gift then these beautiful soft toys could be for you. They are so cute! This is a fabulously detailed tutorial and also includes a video if you prefer to learn that way. They are brought to you by Jenny of Fluffmonger.

Take a look at Squeakers the Otter.

Puzzle Piece Valentine Picture

Jigsaw piece plaque

These gorgeous little pictures are really effective but quick and easy to make, They have a lovely message and are so easy kids can make them too. They are brought to you by Michelle of Crafty Morning. The tutorial is really short as they are so simple!

Take a look at Puzzle Piece Valentine Pictures.

Thumbprint Heart Glass Magnets

Thumbprint Heart Magnets

These beautiful little glass magnets are easy to make and are very personal. Great for kids and adults alike. You can also  make these into necklaces and keychains. These are brought to you by Rhythms of Play. There is a detailed tutorial and a video to help you.

Take a look at Thumbprint Heart Glass Magnets.

Woven Heart Baskets

Woven Heart Baskets - Valentine's Day Gifts

These woven heart baskets are on my blog and are easy to make and act as great little gift baskets. Fill with sweet for kids or perhaps something more valuable for an adult. You can make these from paper or felt. The tutorial includes a free printable pattern for you to download. Decorate however you like and let your creative side out!

Take a look at Woven Heart Baskets.

Bouquet of Hearts Card

bunch of hearts valentine card idea

This card is so cute that I just had to include it taking the total up to 16 craft ideas! It is so simple yet so effective. Great idea for kids and adults alike. You can choose how much to decorate your hearts (or not). The 3d effect makes these really pretty cards. They are brought to you by To see all the tutorial visit 3d Valentine cards.


I hope that you are feeling inspired and will make your Valentine’s Day gifts really special for you and your loved ones. There are so many great Valentine’s Day gifts that are not too difficult to make. There is nothing more special than a personalised hand made Valentine’s Day gift

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15 best DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

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