Completed magazine flowers

Gorgeous Flowers from Magazines

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Who doesn’t like flowers around the house? But fresh flowers do not last long. This tutorial will show you how to make gorgeous flowers from your old magazines. Magazine flowers are a great recycling project! They are quick and easy to make so you can easily make a bunch of flowers in one session.

You can use any magazines but remember that the colour of your magazine flowers will depend on what is on the pages of your magazine. Great magazines to use are National Geographic, Vogue and bridal magazines. I also used a children’s book that had pink and lilac pages!

Magazine Flowers

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You will need:

Old magazines or colourful books


Florist wire or bamboo skewers

Florists’ tape

Masking tape

Double sided tape

Equipment needed for magazine flowers

If you like watching videos then scroll down to the bottom of these instructions for a full instructional video showing you a whole flower being made.

Step 1: Fold and stick your page

Remove your selected page from the magazine and tidy up the edge. You now have a rectangular piece of paper. Fold it in half along its length enclosing the side that has the colour on you are wanting to see in the finished flower.

First fold of page

Now fold back the top piece of paper to meet the original fold. Turn it all over and repeat on the other side. You should now have something that looks like this.

Folds completed

Use double sided tape along the long edges of your paper to secure your folds in place. Do not tape near the folds!

Adding double sided tape to folds

Step 2: Cut the petals

Take your rectangle of paper which is now secured with tape and cut into the paper along the long edge with the folds. You are cutting at right angles to the folded edges and you must make sure you leave at least 1cm (3/8″) at the taped side.

Cutting petalsContinue all the way along the edge.

All petals cut

Step 3: Build the flower

You are now going to build your flower. Place a piece of double sided tape along the length of the paper where it has not been cut. Place your wire or skewer onto one end of the tape. Slowly and tightly roll the paper around the wire (skewer).

Starting rolling the flower

Continue all the way along the paper.

Continuing rolling the flower

You will now have a flower.

Fully rolled flower


Step 4: Green tape the base and stem

Now place some masking tape around the base of the flower and the wire (skewer). Continue wrapping masking tape around until you are happy you have formed a nice conical shape.

Masking tape on flower

Place a small piece of double sided tape along the length of the masking tape ‘cone’. This will help the florists’ tape to affix well.

Wrap florists’ tape around the masking tape and continue along the length of the stem making sure that you keep it tight.

Florists' tape on flower stem

You now have a completed flower.

Completed magazine flower


You can now make as many magazine flowers as you like to fill your vase or form a bunch as a gift. Here are some I made for a small vase.

Completed magazine flowers

I would love to see what fabulous flowers you make and what you use them for. Let me know in the comments section below.

If you would like this  tutorial as a downloadable PDF for a small charge simply click here for details.

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