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Button Art – DIY

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Button art can be so pretty and I have been admiring some on-line for some time. I thought I would have a go and I loved it. It is really relaxing to do and the results are really impressive. This tutorial shows me completing a tiny canvas (7.5cm or 3″ square). It was a great way to ‘have a go’ and I recommend starting small. The result is so cute!

Keep reading and you will see how I developed onto a larger canvas. I have also completed a simple but effective Valentine’s Day heart picture. So simple but so effective. There is a note about this and a picture of it towards the end of the article.

I have now included a video tutorial which shows me making a beautiful flower picture. If you want to watch this then scroll down to the end of the written instructions.

Button art pin1

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You will need:

Canvas of whatever size you want (these from Amazon are the same as mine with easels)

Buttons in the right size and colour

A plan or design


Acrylic Paint and paintbrush (optional)

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Step 1: Draw your design

Decide on your design. If necessary draw it on your canvas lightly using pencil. I used a ‘bubble’ C from the internet. If you like working freestyle then ignore this step.

Image Drawn on canvas


Step 2: Paint background

Decide whether you want your buttons to have a coloured background. I decided that I wanted all blue buttons and a blue background. I painted my ‘C’ using blue acrylic paint. This also covered my pencil lines.

Painted C on canvas


Step 3: Arrange buttons

Place the buttons on your canvas and design what you want. Take your time to move them around and try different buttons until you are happy with the layout.

Button art buttons placed


Step 4: Glue buttons down

Glue your buttons down one at a time using a small amount of glue on the back of each button. Make sure that the glue you use dries clear so that it will not show. Leave it to dry and then you are finished.

Button Art Completed


So there you go – all finished. The options for what you could create are endless You are only limited by your imagination. If you are artistic produce your own design button art pictures but if not there are lots of outlines and ideas on the internet.

This is the next picture I made and I love it. It is 20cm x 30cm (8″ x 12″). I also filled some of the gaps with small beads, personal preference. So have a go and see what you can create.

Cat button picture


I also produced this heart on a square canvas for Valentine’s Day. Simply draw around a heart in pencil, arrange your selection of buttons along the line and then glue them down. Really quick and simple but very effective!

Heart picture for Valentine's Day



Video Instructions

If you want to keep creating then take a look at these other great tutorials on this blog:

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Take a look around on the Internet and you will find lots of great project ideas for your button art. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration and you can follow me on there as Christine’s Crafts. Remember to pin this tutorial for later too!

Button Art pin2

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