Washcloth Roses

It is really nice to give gifts that look gorgeous. Washcloth roses achieve that gorgeous look.  I wanted to give some homemade bath bombs, lip balms, etc in gift bags to friends. What they needed were some gorgeous flowers made from washcloths (flannels) to complete the kits. You could also use them for a different Valentine’s Day gift. I thought they might be difficult but despite one fiddly bit they are actually rather easy and quick to do (after the first one).

Washcloth roses

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You will need:

Washcloth or flannel. All that matters is that it is square.

Step 1:

Fold the cloth in half across the diagonal so that you now have a triangle.

Washcloth roses - first fold


Step 2:

From on corner of the triangle start rolling the cloth up along the fold. Continue until you have about a finger length left.

Washcloth roses start rolling

Washcloth roses - keep rolling

Washcloth roses - rolled


Step 3:

Continue to roll up the cloth to the end of the folded side but turn a small amount of the folded edge outwards to start to form the rose detail.

Washcloth roses - complete roll

Washcloth roses - ready to turn


Step 4:

Ensuring that the end of the roll is trapped, fold the cloth in half as shown. You should have trapped the end of the roll so that it does not come undone.

Washcloth roses - fold in half

Washcloth roses - folded in half


Step 5:

The fiddly bit! You now need to turn through the ‘rose part’ of the washcloth so that it is inside the other end of the roll. It is rather like pairing up socks into a ball.

Your rose should now have appeared and be about half the length of the roll you had made.

Washcloth roses - turned out


Step 6:

Now you just need to tidy up your rose. It looks great if you draw down the centre of the rose slightly so that it looks more natural. You can also curl back some of the layers slightly so that they look more like petals. You have now finished your rose!

Washcloth roses - tidy up

Washcloth roses - complete


I have shown you with a strongly coloured washcloth as I thought it showed up better in the photographs but I made some gorgeous delicate pink roses. I used these in my gift bags!

Washcloth roses - four pink


So, as you can see, if you persevere a little with the fiddly bit washcloth roses really are very easy and as there is no sewing involved they can simply be unrolled and used as washcloths!

So, have fun, and give these a try. You probably have a cloth somewhere already to use but if not they are available on Amazon.

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Washcloth roses pin2


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