Napkin fold rose

How to fold a napkin into a rose

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In an earlier post I showed you how to make double sided napkins really easily. You can find that here ‘Fabric Napkins Tutorial‘. Well, now I am going to show you how to make a folded napkin rose. Your table will look fabulous and your guests will be so impressed. Yet, it really is easy napkin folding.I won’t tell them how easy it is!

You can use this technique to fold paper napkins or fold a cloth napkin. It works really well with either.

These roses really do look impressive especially with the double sided napkins. Quick and easy to make and easy for your guests to unravel. So, jump in and get started.

Folded Napkin Rose

You will need:

Cloth (or paper) napkins

Six fabric napkins

There is a video at the bottom of this tutorial if you prefer to see me doing the cloth napkin folding.

Step 1: Fold napkin in half

Take a square napkin and fold it in half to form a triangle. NOTE: the outside face will be the most obvious in the rose.

Napkin folded in half

Step 2: Roll napkin

Roll up the napkin along the folded side of the triangle. Continue to approximately half way up the triangle.

Roll up of napkin

Turn the napkin over!

Napkin turned over

Step 3: Roll and tuck

Roll up the napkin along the roll you have already made. This will result in the ‘roll’ curled around the bottom of your roll and the points from the triangle at the top. Stop when you still have about 3″ (7.5cm) left to roll.

Triangle rolled up

Take the ‘end’ and tuck it into the roll as shown.

Step 4: Complete the rose

Separate the triangular points at the top of the napkin and open them around the ‘rose’. You will be able to see the rose that you have formed where the rolled edge is. The triangle points are forming the leaves behind the rose and help it to sit properly on the table.

Separate triangular points

Turn the whole thing over and  arrange the ‘leaves’ so that the rose looks pretty. If it all unravels you have just not got the end of the roll tucked in well enough. Have another go and make sure it is securely tucked in.

Napkin fold rose

Video Instructions to Fold a Cloth Napkin into a Rose

And next …

Well done! You have completed your folded napkin rose. Now repeat with all your napkins for a stunning table display.  I hope you agree that these are easy napkin folding with fabulous results. By the time you have done 6 you will be an expert and producing them in minutes! Wait for your guests to see them and be amazed at your talent. No need to share how easy they are!

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Remember to pin this on Pinterest so that you can find it when you need to fold those napkins.

Folded Napkin Rose

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