Xmas Tree Button Decorations

Christmas / Xmas Button Tree Decorations – DIY

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These tiny button tree decorations are so quick and simple to make. You can complete one in a few minutes. The hardest part is deciding on which buttons to use! So raid your button jar or buy an inexpensive selection pack of buttons and have a go. You could get the older kids to make these too. A blunt needle is all you need to thread through the buttons.

Xmas Tree Button Decoration

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You will need:


Embroidery Thread

Needle and scissors

Button tree equipment

If you like watching how to do things then scroll down and watch my YouTube video showing you how to make these cute little button trees.

Step 1: Plan your tree

Select your buttons that you would like to use. Choose buttons of increasing size so that you get the Christmas tree effect. Lay them out in ascending order so that you do not mix them up accidentally. Remember that you need some small dark coloured buttons for your pot.

Button layout

Step 2: Thread the buttons

Thread your needle with a long length of embroidery thread.   This can match your buttons or contrast with them. It is up to you. Start threading the buttons onto the needle, starting at the smallest button.

Button on needle

Continue threading the buttons onto the needle in the order that you laid them out, finishing with the buttons for the pot.

Tree Buttons on Needle

Pull the needle through the buttons so that they are all on the thread.

All buttons on thread

Step 3: Thread the buttons again

Now turn and thread the needle back through the buttons using a different hole in each one. You should end up with a small loop at the bottom of the pot and the needle and thread back out of the top of the tree.

All buttons on thread

Step 4: Tie off the thread

Pull the thread tight and tie a knot in it at the top of the tree. Then decide on how long you would like the hanger to be and tie a knot in it at that size. Cut off the spare thread. You have now finished your Xmas Tree Decoration!

Enjoy your decoration and make yourself a selection of button tree decorations in different colours or how about a whole set of matching ones.

Here are a few I made.

Xmas Tree Button Decorations

If you like watching how to do things then take a look at this YouTube video.

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Button tree decorations

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