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How to Make the Easiest, Cheapest Envelope Gift Bag in 4 Minutes!

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Create your individual, stylish gift bags in minutes using nothing fancier than an envelope! An envelope gift bag is so quick and easy and can be very pretty while being exceptionally inexpensive. I love them. You may see them online called Bag-a-lopes. How cute is that as a name for them?

Create one gift bag for a certain item or create loads for an event. How about using them for wedding favors or party bags? You can use any envelope you like so raid those cupboards and drawers and let’s get started.

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You will need:

Create your envelope gift bag

The first thing to do is to seal your envelope closed. If you like you can also glue the tiny bit that does not seal but this is not essential. Then, cut your envelope in half (if you would like to get 2 gift bags out of it). If you want a tall gift bag you could just cut one end off the envelope.

Any scissors are suitable for this but if you have any fancy scissors then you can cut a decorative edge.

Cut envelope in half

We will work on one half of the envelope.

Fold up about 1cm (0.5″) along the bottom of your ‘bag’. This is the closed end. Turn the bag over and fold along the same line the other way.

Repeat this for both sides of the bag so that it looks like this:

Envelope Folded

NOTE: If you want to stamp or paint your bag you may want to do it now before you make it 3D.

Now open up your bag so that it has a rectangular bottom. It really helps if you fold each side so that the centre of the edge fold folds into the bag. You need to form the points at the bottom of the bag on either side and fold them onto the bag bottom.

Gift bag Bottom corners opened up

Glue the triangular points onto the bottom of the bag using whatever you choose (glue or tape). Ensure they are firmly attached.

Decorate your Envelope Gift Bag

Now you can embellish your bag however you like. You can stick stickers or any other embellishments onto the bags as I have done. You could personalise each bag by adding the recipients name to it.

How about punching holes near the top and adding a ribbon for carrying or closing the bag? You could also use coloured envelopes to match your event or season.

Get creative and please share with me in the comments section below what you use yours for.

DIY paper bag for gift

And next …

Now you have your own DIY paper gift bag how about making some pretty bows from old magazine pages. Great to add to your gift bags!

Or do you need some cards? You could make these really quick simple but stylish cards or even some fabric cards.

If you are looking for gifts to place in your envelope gift bags then how about making some bracelets or drop earrings. You could even make a matching set.

Whatever you need a gift bag for you can pin these instructions on Pinterest so that you can always find them again.

envelope gift bag pin

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