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How to Make Yarn Ball Ornaments

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Have you ever seen those stylish bowls of yarn ball ornaments in gorgeous homes or magazine articles? Did you know that you can make them yourself at home using some scraps of yarn leftover from other projects? You can use any colour you like to match your decor. They are super quick and easy to make but rather messy!

You can display yarn ball ornaments in a bowl or basket or how about hanging them for a different display? You could also use string for your balls for a more rustic look. Let your creativity run wild.

Yarn balls

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You will need:


PVA glue (or similar water based glue)


Small balloons



Disposable gloves (optional)

Step 1: Prepare the glue

Take a good measure of glue (perhaps a table spoon) and mix it with approximately the same amount of water. Add the water a little at a time and mix. You do not want your glue to be too watery or your balls will not be very stiff when they dry.

TIP: Work on a surface that you can easily clean. It is going to get glue on it!

Glue for yarn balls

Step 2: Cut and soak yarn

Cut a length of yarn. Now this is a bit of guesswork. Remember that you can always trim the yarn later if it is a little too long but that will be messy as it will be covered in glue. It also depends on the size of your balloon so just make an educated guess.

Now soak the yarn in your glue/water mix so that it is all coated. BUT keep one end out of the glue so that you can find it. I also recommend placing your yarn in carefully so that it does not get tangled.

Yarn in bowl

Step 3: Wrap the yarn around the balloon

Inflate your balloon to the size that you want your ball to be. It is important to use the correct size balloon as just inflating a large balloon a little bit is not very successful.

Take the end of the yarn and place it onto the balloon. Then wrap it around the balloon and cover the end that you started with.

Yarn on balloon

Continue to wrap the yarn around the balloon in different directions to make the effect you require.

Yarn on balloon

You do need to cover most of the balloon or your ball may not be strong enough to support itself. Once you are happy with your ball tuck the yarn end under one of the lengths of yarn on the balloon. If your yarn is too long simply cut it to length first.

Yarn on balloon

Repeat for as many balls as you want in whatever colours you want.

Step 4: Drying your yarn ball

You simply need to dry the ball so that it hardens. I recommend drying the ball as quickly as possible. Sometimes your balloon may deflate before your yarn ball is hard! I stood mine on some aluminium foil on a radiator but if it is summer you could dry them in the sunshine. It may take several days to be fully dry.

Once the ball is dry and firm gently push the balloon away from the yarn and then pop it. You should then be able to remove it through one of the larger holes in the ball. Tweezers may help you to get hold of the balloon without damaging your ball.

Congratulations your ball is finished. Make as many as you like and decide how you want to display them.

Yarn balls in bowl

I hope that your yarn balls have worked beautifully and give you lots of pleasure however you display them.

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Yarn balls

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    1. I could not agree more! I loved making these while my husband took the photos. He was not as impressed with the sticky mess as he did not have his fingers in it.

        1. I am not sure you can if they have lost their shape. You could try again using less water and see if that helps. Also they can collapse if you pop the balloon before they are thoroughly dry so make sure they are fully dry first.

    1. I have only ever tried PVA glue so I do not know about other glues really. However Elmers glue is a PVA glue so that should work well.

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