Folded napkin arrowhead

How to make a folded napkin arrowhead

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In this series of napkin related posts I have been guiding you to make your own fabric napkins which can be found here and to fold them into a rose which you can find here. This post will show you how to fold them really quickly and easily to form a folded napkin arrowhead. These are great if you need your napkins to lie quite flat or, like me, you like symmetry in your displays.

They will help you make a stunning table display especially if you have double sided napkins like the ones I am using.

Folded napkin arrowhead

You will need:

Fabric or paper square napkins


There is a video at the bottom of this tutorial if you prefer to watch me making an arrowhead from a napkin.

Step 1: Fold napkin into quarters

Make sure your napkin has been ironed flat and is crease free. Fold the napkin in half to form a rectangle with the open side facing away from you.

Napkin folded in half

Fold the napkin again so that it is folded into quarters. Make sure that the open end of the napkin is facing away from you.

Napkin folded into quarters


Step 2: Fold edges down

Fold the top most layer down towards you nearly covering the whole napkin. Leave a small amount showing to start to form your arrowhead. How much is up to you.

First layer folded

Repeat for the next layer. Again leave some of the layer below showing to form a stripe.

Second napkin layer folded

Repeat with the remaining two layers.

Third napkin layer folded

Fourth napkin layer folded








Step 3: Form arrowhead

If possible press it flat at this stage. It will help to keep all your folds in place as you complete your arrowhead.

Turn the napkin over and place it down with the point facing away from you.

Napkin turned over


Fold both sides of the napkin to the centre to form the arrowhead. Press it in place if it does not want to stay flat. To be honest if you are using fabric napkins you will probably need to press them to keep them in place. Paper napkins will be easier to keep flat by simply running your fingernail along the folds.

Folded napkin arrowhead


Your folded napkin arrowhead is now complete but you can decide which way up to present it. This way up as you have finished it or turn it over as shown below.

Folded napkin arrowhead


Whichever way up you decide to place them they will definitely make a statement on your table. No more boring napkins for you!

Perhaps you should also try a rose like this one, full instructions here!

Napkin fold rose



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Remember to pin this tutorial on Pinterest for later. You can follow me on there too as Christine’s Crafts for more great ideas.

Folded napkin arrowhead

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    1. I know just what you mean. I tend to just fold them in half into triangles. How bad is that. Now I am learning how easy these folds are I am converted!

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