Toilet paper roll snowflake

Toilet Paper Roll Snowflakes for Christmas

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Toilet paper roll snowflakes are so easy to make and great for involving the kids. Make loads of them to really decorate your home and it still won’t cost very much. They are great Christmas decorations on a budget.

One of the greatest free resources we have in our homes for crafting are toilet paper rolls. We can also use kitchen paper rolls to give us a variety in length and sometimes diameter. We have all used them from pre-school right through to now (whatever your age). They are so versatile and freely available.

In this tutorial we will use them to make a pretty snowflake to hang up at Christmas. This tutorial will show you the basic technique and then you can copy it or let your creativity run wild. Design many different snowflakes just like in nature.

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You will need:

Toilet paper rolls (or kitchen paper rolls) – any size



Glue (I used hot melt glue but any craft glue should work)

Paint, glitter, etc to decorate it

Thread or ribbon to hang it up

Toilet paper rolls and scissors

If you like watching a craft project to see what to do then take a look at this video of me making a toilet paper roll snowflake. If you prefer written instructions then keep reading.

Cut the toilet paper rolls to size

Lay one of your tubes on the table on its side. Measure along it however deep you want your snowflake. Mine are 1.5cm (approximately 0.5″). Repeat the measurement all the way along the roll.

Rotate the roll and repeat so that you have 2 marks at each length. You can now join up these marks to make a cutting line or simply cut using the 2 marks as a guide. You will squash the roll but do not worry about this.

Cutting toilet paper roll

Repeat this with all the marks you made, forming slices of the cardboard roll.

Repeat with as many rolls as you like depending on the size of snowflake you want to make. I used 3 cardboard rolls.

These are the slices that you will make.

Toilet Paper Roll Slices

Build your toilet paper roll Snowflake

Now is the time to start designing your snowflake. I will show you exactly how I built mine. If you have watched the video you will notice that this one is a little bit more complicated.

Firstly arrange four slices in a cross shape and glue them together. This is the centre of your snowflake.

First Star shape

Now add in 4 more slices in the spaces between the first four. Glue them in place.

Toilet Paper Roll Snowflake step 2

To add detail to your snowflake take a slice and fold it in half.

Folded toilet paper roll slice

Now add those to four of the slices in your snowflake. This will make some nice centre detail.

Toilet paper roll snowflake step 3

Fold some more slices and add them to the outside of the snowflake.

Toilet paper roll snowflake step 4

That is the snowflake completed and ready to decorate. I spray painted mine silver. They do look fantastic with glitter on them but it is very unpopular in my house so I tend to spray paint silver or gold to get that shiny effect.

Toilet paper roll snowflake

Get Creative with your Snowflakes

So you have seen 2 different designs that I have made, one in the video and one in these instructions. You can replicate these or get creative and make lots of different toilet paper roll snowflakes.

If you get kids making these you will get many different designs and colours!

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Toilet Paper Roll Snowflakes

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