Magazine holder and pen pot

DIY Magazine Holder from a Cereal Box

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How about making yourself some stylish magazine holders from old cereal boxes? We all have magazines and papers that we need to keep organised and available. You can select the size you want your box to be to suit your needs and you can decide on the colour scheme. How long it will take you depends on how much you want to decorate your magazine holders. The basic holder takes less than 15 minutes!

Why stop there? Why not continue and make all your desk furniture match. Keep reading and see how!

Magazine holder

You will need:

Old cereal box

Marker pen and ruler


White Paint (optional)

Decorative paper or decoupage supplies and glue (optional)



Step 1: Mark up your box

Decide upon the height you want your magazine holder to be. The tall end of mine is 30cm (12″) and the short end is 10cm (4″). On one wide side of the box mark these two heights and join them with a straight line as shown.

Line marked

Rotate the box and mark the horizontal line on the edge of the box at the top of the ‘holder’. Repeat for the bottom on the other edge.

Line marked

Line marked

Rotate the box and mark the remaining wide side by joining the horizontal lines from the edges.

Line marked

You should now have your magazine holder fully marked out on your box.


Step 2: Cut the box

Cut carefully along your lines to form your magazine holder.

Magazine holder

You now have a magazine holder. If you are in a hurry stop now and use your holder. If you have time then hang around and decorate your magazine holder – it is the fun part!


Step 3: Paint the holder

Unless you are going to use thick paper to decorate your holder I recommend painting it white so that the design on the cereal box does not show through. I used some primer leftover from decorating but any white paint would do the job.

Painting the holder white


Step 4: Decorate your Magazine Holder

Decorate your magazine holder however you like. I used decoupage to cover mine and I think that it is really effective. It is also easy to apply to other items you may want to match. There is a fully detailed tutorial on doing this at Decoupage Tutorial and Project Ideas.

glue and paper

This is my completed magazine holder complete with a pen pot I made. It is simply an old jar covered with matching decoupage paper.

Magazine holder and pen pot


So, get creative and create all your office supplies to match. Let me know how you get on in the comments section below.

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Magazine Holder

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