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Great Gardening Gifts that Gardeners really want – Best 15

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Gardening gifts can be a bit tricky if you are not a gardener yourself. I mean, what are all those tools for and how do you know which ones are best? Ideally your gardener tells you what they want and you can just buy it. But if you want to surprise them then take a look at this list.

This list of gardening gifts is varied both in items and prices but none of them are bank busters! You should find something to suit your particular gardener, even if they only garden indoors!

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Gardening Gift Set

Perhaps the most obvious choice on this list is a gardening gift set. It makes a really pretty gift and is always going to be useful to a gardener. This particular set is suitable for any gardener. This is a set of 11 items including a large trowel, transplanter, cultivator, hand rake, weeder, pruner, garden gloves, watering spray bottle, gardening tote bag, plant rope and gardening apron. Note that they are all small tools!

If your gardener is a very experienced gardener this may not be the best gift but I am sure any gardener would appreciate it.

Heavy Duty Garden Trowel

An experienced gardener is likely to appreciate a sturdy garden tool such as this one. A trowel will always be useful and one like this with a comfortable grip can really enhance the gardening experience.

It may not be glamorous but a gardener will really appreciate it!

Fiskars Secateurs

All gardeners need a good pair of secateurs for all that lovely pruning. They are great for cutting flowers too so that they can be arranged beautifully in your vase. Fiskars are a well known brand with a reputation for quality secateurs and scissors.

Any gardener or flower arranger would thank you for these.

Glass Bird Bath

If you are looking for a stylish gift that the gardener will be able to enjoy looking at then how about a bird bath. It is very pretty to look at and provides a great resource for local birds. Attracting birds into a garden really adds an exciting dimension to it.

This bird bath is glass and it is a small one. It is very easily moved so you can try it in various positions in your garden. Just be sure it would fit into your gardener’s plot well and that they do not have a cat!

Ceramic Mushrooms

If you are looking for something pretty to gift a gardener who likes a bit of whimsy then how about this set of 4 ceramic mushrooms. They can look really pretty in a lawn or a flower bed. They suggest that fairies are living in the garden!

These mushrooms are approximately 4.5″ high so are really cute and you could use a few to make a pretty display. You could even use them indoors.

Beginner Gardening Book

If you know someone who is just starting gardening or planning to in the coming season then how about a book showing them how to get started. Gardening can feel a little overwhelming at the start so this gift may be very well appreciated.

This book is full of helpful guidance and step by step tutorials on how to do the basics.

Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden

If the idea of giving a book appeals to you but your gardener is more experienced then how about this gem. It is all about growing a cut flower garden. It includes everything you need to know to start your own or put a section of your garden over to cut flowers.

If your gardener loves flowers then this could be just what they are looking for but do not know it yet.

If you would like to know a bit more about cut flower gardening and how to get started then read this article at The happy DIY Home all about cut flower gardening

Gardening Gloves

If your gardener would love something really practical that they will definitely use then how about some gardening gloves. These are designed to fit most women and have padding to make them ‘thorn proof’. They are perfect for many gardening jobs.

Most gardeners will tell you that they use a lot of gardening gloves and always need new ones!

Rose Pruning Gauntlets

If your gardener has a lot of spikey plants like roses then perhaps some quality gauntlets would be more appropriate. These are made from goatskin leather and are long to protect your arms.

Select the size to fit your gardener and they will thank you for years!

Garden Tools Set

If you are looking for a gardening set with a bit of style then how about this set of 3 hand tools with ergonomic non-slip rubber grip handles. They would make a practical gift that would last.

So pretty but also practical!

Thick Kneeling Pad

If, like me, your gardener likes to get down in the dirt while gardening then they will probably appreciate this good quality kneeling pad. It will make working in the garden so much more comfortable.

It may not be a glamorous gift but it may well be appreciated!

Outdoor Sun Hat

The appropriateness of this gift will depend on where you live! Most of us do a lot of gardening in the summer so a sun hat is an essential piece of equipment. This hat provides fantastic protection while at the same time being lightweight.

I would love this on those hot summer days in the garden!

‘Never too old’ T shirt

This t-shirt is for the gardener with a sense of humour. It says ‘You’re never too old to play in the dirt’. This is one for a woman but there are others for men too.

So this is a gardening gift but can be worn anywhere.

Gardening Tool Set and Chair

How about this for a gardener who wants to take all their tools with them into the garden and have a sit down when they need one? Perhaps this would be great for an older gardener who needs to take a break regularly?

Just be careful not to imply that they are getting too old for their gardening, they won’t thank you!

Indoor Gardening Tool Set

Finally this gift is for those gardeners who are working indoors. Do you know someone who has a lot of houseplants and loves them? Then how about a set of tools designed just for this purpose?

These tools come compete with a foldable potting mat to work on. They are great for terrariums, houseplants, etc. So pretty too!

Summary and More Reading

So, there you have it! A selection of 15 very different gardening gifts to suit most gardeners whatever their plot size and likes. I hope that this will help you to find that special gift more quickly and easily and that the recipient loves their gardening gifts! Or that you have now found the gifts that you would like for Christmas.

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