Hanging Hearts made from Paper

Music heart

These hanging paper hearts are so easy and quick to make that you can do them in less than 10 minutes. They are really pretty and you could make lots of them and hang them on a garland to decorate a room for Valentine’s Day. You only need materials that you already have at home and you can be as creative as you like with the papers that you use. Further down I will show you how I experimented and how it can go a bit less than heart shaped!

Red paper Heart

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You will need:

Paper (I recommend the normal printer paper thickness)

Scissors (or cutting board and rotary cutter)


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Paper, rotary cutter and self healing cutting board.


Step 1:

I have used two contrasting papers for the tutorial but you can use one colour (see pictures later).

Get your paper and cut the following:

All strips are 30mm or 1 1/8″ wide

200mm or 8″ in orange

170mm or 7″ in yellow

140mm or 5.5″ in orange

110mm or 4.25″ in yellow

80mm or 3″ in orange

This will give me  a heart with alternating colours.

Once you have made one heart you may decide to play about with these dimensions and make larger and smaller hearts.

Paper strips


Step 2:

Lay the strips out in order of size in two piles. Each pile should have one strip of each size in it.

Ordered strips

Then take each pile of strips and place one pile on top of the other so that the longest strips are together. The smallest strips should be on the top and the bottom of the pile.

Strips in 2 piles

Strips stapled together

Staple all the strips together at one end of the strips. Make sure they are all lined up perfectly.


Step 3:

Now form the smallest heart by taking hold of the strips at the staple and gently folding the shortest strips back around the stapled ends. Once they are lined up hold them together to prevent them moving.

First smallest heart

Now turn the next pair of strips to form a slightly larger heart. Keep all the ends of the strips together.

Second heart formed

Repeat with the next pair.

Third heart formed

Repeat with the next pair.

Fourth heart formed

Finally, repeat with the last pair of strips and making sure all the edges line up staple the strips together.

Fifth heart

You now have a completed paper heart.

Step 4:

You can now hang it up however you like. I attached ribbons to mine with a small dot of cold melt glue but you could attach yours to string or invisible thread or indeed a garland.

Hanging heart


I made several from different papers and got interesting results. They all worked really well until I tried to use old music and make a larger heart. It looked great but when I came back to it a couple of days later it had flopped. I discovered that the larger the heart the stiffer the paper needs to be or it flops under its own weight losing the heart shape. The sizes I used above hold their shape really well with standard printer paper (as I used) or thicker paper I am sure.

Red heart

Lilac heart Music heart


Please contact me in the comments section below and let me know how your hanging hearts go or if you have any creative ideas for papers to use.

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Lilac paper heart

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