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Crocheting a Blanket as a beginner

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Crocheting a blanket may seem ambitious as a beginner but in an earlier post, Crochet blanket – Apres-ski design,  I told you about a kit I had bought at a craft show to have a go at crocheting. That was back in March. Well, I have finally finished it! I am really pleased with it even though it is far from perfect.

crochet blanket over chair

It looks really good if you do not look too closely. As a first crochet project I am really pleased with it. I have learnt basic stitches, changing colours, adding a border and that if I crochet for too long I get a sore neck the next day! I found turning at the ends of rows a challenge at first and that does show at one end of the blanket. It is a bit uneven. I also had to learn how to pick up the stitches to add the border. Again, my learning is included in the blanket. It all adds to the character!

crochet blanket corner

If I had my time again I would go for a design without so many colour changes. It did make it more challenging and there were so many ends to weave in. However, the repetitive design was fabulous as I got to improve my proficiency but I could also work on it in front of the television. It meant that I made good progress and really enjoyed it.

crochet blanket detail

The pattern was easy to follow and there was plenty of yarn in the kit. I recommend Black Sheep Wools as they are very helpful. If you live near Warrington, UK, then pay them a visit at their craft barn as they have a huge selection and knowledgeable staff. Failing that they have  a good online shop.

My first experience of a crocheting project  has led me to draw the following 5 conclusions:

  1. A good book and youtube are essential if you are teaching yourself
  2. Ergonomic hooks are fantastic (mine are these from Amazon)
  3. Too many yarn colour changes are not a good idea
  4. Weaving ends in and them staying in is a challenge
  5. It is really relaxing

I am keeping the blanket on my settee and use it on chilly evenings. Emily also approves of it!

Emily with my blanket

So, in summary, I recommend crocheting and I intend to have a go at some more projects. Perhaps a smaller project first would have been a good idea but I loved it anyway and the sense of achievement upon completion was enormous.

I would welcome any advice on weaving ends in without them coming out again later! Please comment below with your best advice.

Crochet a blanket

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  1. Such a gorgeous blanket! I would think you’re a total crocheting pro! I love to arm and finger knit/crochet. It’s so relaxing and fun ^^. And so wonderful when you’ve completed your project. I’ll have to try to crochet a blanket someday too! You’ve sparked my interest. Thanks a ton for sharing your advice and experiences!

  2. Wow! It seems so doable. I love how relaxing it can be to work on a big project like this as you just listen to a book or watch some Netflix. 🙂

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