French knitting

French Knitting – How to Cast on and Knit!

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Last week I showed you how to make your own French Knitting Nancy in this post. Well, whether you are using one just like that or one you have bought the technique is the same. You will be able to produce a beautiful tube of knitting to make into a craft item of your choice. If you want some ideas take a look at 22 things to make with French Knitting.

If you like to watch someone doing a craft then take a look at the video after the step by step instructions.

French Knitting Tutorial

You will need:

French Knitting Nancy (or doll)



Step 1: Form the first loop

Form a loop using a slip knot as if you were going to do ordinary knitting or crocheting.

First loop


Place the loop over one of your posts (or pins) on the Nancy. Let the tail end of the yarn fall down through the Nancy.

French knitting



Step 2: Form the first row

Wrap the yarn around the next post (or pin) around the top of the Nancy in an anti-clockwise direction.

French knitting


Repeat this process around the remaining two posts.

French knitting

French knitting




Step 3: Add a row of loops

Take the yarn and wrap it around the post containing that first loop that you made. Repeat all the way around the Nancy so that you have two loops on each post (pin).

French knitting



Step 4: Form the knitting

On the post that you placed the first loop on (in my case the blue one) take the bottom loop and pull it up over the second loop and ‘drop it off’ into the tube. You have now made a stitch. You can do this with your fingers but if you have a small ‘doll’ you may need to use a crochet hook.

French knitting


Repeat for the remaining 3 posts and you will have completed a round of knitting.

French knitting




Step 5: Continuous knitting

Now wrap the yarn around all the posts again in turn and repeat the process in Step 4 until you have the required length of knitting.

French knitting


Next week I will show you how to cast off your French Knitting ready to create your final product.


I hope that you are enjoying your French Knitting. I found it really relaxing to do in front of the television in an evening. This infinity scarf is what I made with mine! I just sewed the tubes of knitting together but more about that in the next post (How to cast off and Create Masterpieces).

French knitting

Of course, it is also a great way for kids to produce a lot of knitting very quickly with minimal difficulty. A great school holiday rainy day activity.

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French Knitting Tutorial

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  1. Christine, I saw your post about making the French Knitting Nancy and said I couldn’t wait to see how to use it. I came to see. It reminds me of a knitting machine I had as a child. This is something I want to try with my daughter. She would love to knit her own scarf. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you for this tutorial! I have been crocheting for year and never heard of a Knitting Nancy until a few days ago. I am making a hat for my daughter and it called for one in the pattern. I found the stuff around the house to make one and the cord turned out great. Now I need to find you tutorial on how to get it off and finish it.

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