Completed Mosaic Table
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How to Make a Mosaic Table

Last year I broke a glass topped table and I upcycled it using decoupage. You can see that project here. That worked really well so this year I thought I would try upcycling the same table again using mosaic tiles. It worked really well and looks really professional as you can see here. So, read on, be inspired and have a go yourself. It is great for that cup of tea (or something stronger) in the garden.

Mosaic Table

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You Will Need:

Table frame (mine is similar to this one in Amazon)

Aluminium sheet (or similar backing material)

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tile glue


Tools to cut the backing sheet to size


Step 1: Cut out backing material

You need to cut your backing material (in my case aluminium sheet) to size. As my frame is approximately circular we placed it onto the backing material and drew around it (on the inside) with a permanent marker.

Frame on aluminium

Marking up circle on aluminium

We also marked an arrow on the circle so that we would know which way round to place it back in the frame as it is not a perfect circle.

Aluminium Marked Up

Once the circle was clearly marked we cut it out using a saw. Note: painted clothes are not essential but I do recommend old work clothes for this whole project.

Cutting aluminium circle

Once the circle was cut out from the sheet, we filed its edges to make sure they were smooth and then checked that the circle fitted into the frame. It was then filed down until it fit well.

Filing Aluminium Circle


Step 2: Plan the mosaic

Now for the exciting part. You need to plan your mosaic. There are lots of free patterns available on the internet and to start with I used one and traced it onto my aluminium sheet. Then I changed my mind and decided to do my own pattern. I laid some of it out, shown below, and then felt confident I could proceed. You can see the old pattern from the internet underneath my layout.

Mosaic plan


Step 3: Glue the mosaic

Glue down all your tiles one at a time. This sounds really laborious but I actually really enjoyed it. I was completing my planning and creating my design as I went. Simply apply a small amount of glue to the bottom of a tile and then place it where it should go. This glue does allow you some time to move tiles around a little before it sets fully.

Applying glue to tile

Gluing tile down

Once all the tiles are in place leave it to dry overnight. You can see what your design is going to look like now.

All tiles glued down


Step 4: Grout the mosaic

Now you need to grout your table top. I used some grout we had left over from another house task but I recommend new. There are lots of tools available to help you grout but I used a trusty old tool we already had. Simply push the grout into all the spaces between the tiles and then smooth the surface. Grouting

As you can see, this is a messy business! Continue until all the spaces are filled and you are happy with the surface. Note that any grout you leave on the tiles will need to be cleaned off once the grout is dry. You probably want to minimise this.

Grouting the mosaic table


Step 5: Clean up the grout

Once the grout is dry clean up any grout that is on the tiles with a scraper and a damp cloth. At this point the tiles will really shine! You have completed your table to so place it your frame and you are finished. If you were grouting directly onto a table then you have already finished!

Completed Mosaic Table

Now all you have to do is enjoy it in your garden with the beverage of your choice!

Completed Mosaic Table in Use

I must say that I have really enjoyed making this table and I am looking forward to getting some good summer weather to enjoy using it! You can make a mosaic table top for most garden tables. If you have a small wooden table then you could mosaic directly onto it. I chose aluminium as my completed table top needed to be quite thin.

So, if you enjoy your crafts and are looking for some more ideas why not try:

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Remember to pin this tutorial in Pinterest for later and please comment below. I love to hear what you think.

Mosaic Table


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