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How to Make an Origami Pentagon from a Square of Paper

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Sometimes you just need a pentagon of paper and it is not a shape that you generally have lying around. So, you need to make an origami pentagon. The most common use for these is the 5 pointed star that gets used for lots of craft ideas. It is particularly associated with Christmas decorations

Firstly there is a video showing you how to do it but I have also included a step by step set of instructions with photos. You choose the best one to follow (or perhaps both!).

Origami Pentagon Instructions

You will need:

A square of paper


Step by Step Instructions

Fold your square of paper in half. Make sure you have a firm crease for all your folds.

folded square of paper

Now take the bottom left hand corner and fold it up to the top edge (the open edge). Crease it firmly.

First origami fold

Open the fold out again.

First origami fold opened out

Now take the top left hand corner and fold it down to the bottom (folded) edge of the paper.

Second origami fold

Open that fold out again.

Second origami fold opened out

Take the bottom right hand corner and fold it up so that the corner reaches the cross in the middle of the folds as shown.

Third Origami Fold

Fold that same point back onto the paper that you just folded matching up the edges.

Fourth Origami Fold

Now take the bottom left hand corner of the paper and fold it up so that the ‘bottom’ of the paper lines up with the folded section perfectly.

Fifth Origami Fold

Turn over the paper.

Turn Paper Over

Fold the paper so that the two edges match up perfectly.

Final Origami Fold

Now you need to cut through all the paper layers along the edge of paper at the front of the paper. It is the one shown by the scissors below.

Cutting paper

This is what you are left with.

Cut Piece of Paper

Finally open up your paper and you will have a perfect pentagon.

Pentagon of paper

Well done! Now you can use your pentagon for whatever you like. How about a five pointed star for your folded book Christmas tree or a garland?

Let me know in the comments below how you got on and if you prefer the video or written instructions. I would love to know.

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Origami Pentagon Instructions

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