Crochet blanket - 24 rows

Crochet Blanket – Apres Ski Design

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I have had it in my mind for some time that I would like to learn to crochet. I have had a go in the past but never really progressed beyond absolute basics. This time I was determined. I bought myself a book to teach myself from. It is called ‘A little course in Crochet’ and is by Dorling Kindersley. It is also available on Amazon. It is really good and really is a step by step guide. I must say that I paid considerably less than £9.99 so shop around. If you prefer being shown how to do things there are lots of tutorials on Youtube that show you the basics.

I also bought a set of ergonomic crochet hooks. I have tried the traditional ones in the past as they were given to me but they made my wrist hurt. No such trouble with the ergonomic ones. They are well worth the money!

Having mastered some basic stitches and a granny square I decided I needed a project that was not too difficult. At the ICHF craft show I found just what I was looking for. Black Sheep Wools had a great big stand full of kits, yarns and ideas.

They had several blankets displayed and the kits were available to make them. I sought advice on how difficult they were to make. The lady on the stall was incredibly helpful and patient as I struggled to decide! I decided upon the easiest one so that I could settle down to it in an evening and watch television at the same time. I can always try a more challenging one another year.

The kit contains all the wool and the instructions needed. All I have to add is a crochet hook, which I already own. The lady said that I could always call in at the Black Sheep Barn if I have any problems and they will help me. I hope I do not need to do that but it is nice to know that I can.

Start of crochet blanket
This is 2 rows into the project

So I set off and after a bit of a false start I was away. Once I got past the tricky first row I was doing okay. It is based on treble crochet so quite easy to do but gives a great effect.

Crochet blanket - 24 rows
This is 24 rows into the project

I will try to report regularly (with a picture) so that you can see how I am doing. The first 24 rows took me about two weeks to complete (I do not do it every day).  I have a long way to go before this will be a blanket!

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