About Me


I am a woman living in the north of England.  I am writing this blog to share my experiences and hopefully inspire you to ‘have a go’. I want to encourage you to get involved in crafts regardless of previous experience. I include many tutorials so that you can exactly what you need and exactly what to do.  You will gain some quality time to create and relax.

Lemur sitting on a garden bench, relaxing

As a keen amateur gardener I will share all my adventures in the garden with you. I am always trying to grow something new either to look at or to eat so I will keep you updated with progress. My garden is not large but I keep it very full! Gardening is a great way to unwind and practice mindfulness. Just be in the garden and forget everything else.

Bird in garden (black and white image)

There will, undoubtedly, be pictures of my cat, Emily, shared regularly as she often assists! I hope that you enjoy following my attempts and get crafting and gardening yourself.

Emily the cat at rest in the garden

Please comment on any post you like. Let me know if you try anything similar to me. I read all comments and will respond to any queries.

It would be great if you followed me on Pinterest (Christine’s Crafts) where I curate many more ideas and tutorials from all over the world.