Christmas Fabric Bauble

In my opinion nothing improves a Christmas tree more than a homemade decoration. These fabric baubles are really simple to make and very effective. Their size is only limited by the ball you buy so you can make large decorations inexpensively.

Fabric Baubles (how to make pin)

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You Will Need:

Polystyrene (styrofoam) ball from Amazon or The Works

fabric – fat quarters available from Amazon

scissors or pinking shears



ribbon (short piece for hanger)

Christmas Fabric Baubles equipment needed


Step 1:

Cut your fabric into approximately 5cm (2″) squares. I used pinking shears to give a nice edge and prevent the fabric from fraying.

Christmas Fabric Baubles fabric squares


Step 2:

Use the skewer to make a hole in the ball approximately 1cm (0.5″) deep. Put a small blob of glue into the hole. Then use the skewer to push a piece of the fabric into the hole. Remove the skewer and the fabric will stay in the hole.


Christmas Fabric Baubles making hole

Step 3:

Continue all over the ball until it is covered. This will use a surprising amount of fabric. My ball has a diameter of approximately 8cm (3″)  and I covered it using a fat quarter.

Completed Christmas Fabric Baubles

Use a small blob of glue to attach a hanging ribbon. In my case the ball came with a fitting and silver string to hang it with. You have completed your fabric bauble.


These fabric baubles are really easy to make and they are great for getting the kids involved. They will need close supervision because of the skewer but they will really enjoy it. You can make them in any fabric you like to co-ordinate with your other decorations. If you want larger decorations just buy larger balls!

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Remember to pin this article ready for when you want to make yours! Let me know how you get on.  

Christmas Fabric Baubles full tutorial pin


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