Yellow hellebore in sun

Tasks for the garden in late March

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Late March is when it starts to get busy in the garden. It is not obvious when you look but I am very busy. I have been making pots, planting on seedlings/plug plants, moving snowdrops and tidying up a bit.

Garden Tasks for Late March

Biodegradable Plant pots

Firstly, I have been busy making newspaper plant pots which I have explained in detail in an earlier post. They are great for seedlings as the plant’s roots do not get disturbed when they get planted out into the garden. I plant the whole thing out.

Completed newspaper pots

Summer Bedding

During the week the first of my plug plants arrived by post. I was expecting them by the end of March so no surprise. I promised to compare packaging with supermarket bought plug plants so here is a picture. There is still some plastic when I am sure cardboard could be used but there is definitely less plastic, especially considering the number of plants (36). The whole thing was wrapped in a cardboard sleeve.

Antirrhinum Plug Plants

These were antirrhinum plants which I potted on into my newspaper plant pots. I also got 3 plugs called ‘Trixi Riverside‘ which contain three different plants. They are lobelia, verbena and bidens in coordinating blue, yellow and white. I intend to put them in hanging baskets on my house in the summer. I will, of course, report how that goes.


Now that my snowdrops have finished flowering it is time to separate them and spread them around my garden.  They did flower throughout February and most of March. I am trying to spread them from the back garden to the front garden and I am having some success. A few small clumps have already successfully transplanted. I moved about 8 clumps to the front garden this year. They should be successful as snowdrops like being moved in the green. I like them so much that I listed them in my top 5 spring flowers.


Spring Flowers

I have also been enjoying the flowers that are in the garden. It is important to take time just to enjoy the flowers. There are daffodils, crocuses, primulas, hyacinths, hellebores and, very beautifully, blossom on my plum tree. It is absolutely gorgeous, as you can see. Later in the year it will produce really sweet tiny yellow plums. They are delicious to eat and to make into jam.

Plum blossom

Other Gardening Tasks

General tidying was also on the agenda. I have been pulling up any weeds that I spot before they can take hold. They really are growing already in March, despite the late cold snaps. I have cut my buddleias back hard so hopefully they will give me lots of growth from the bottom and blooms low enough for me to smell them! I hope that you can see it in among the rest of the plants.

Buddleia cut back

Today was a glorious day so I was aided in my gardening by Emily the cat. Here she is taking a breather between vital tasks such as attacking a leaf, sitting on plants and running to and fro!

Emily the cat at rest in the garden


Here are a couple of pictures I took just because the flowers looked so gorgeous and the day was so lovely. Let’s hope it lasts and that we do not get the threatened snow at Easter.

Feel free to comment on the pictures or the tasks.

Yellow hellebore in sun Pale pink hyacinth




            Keep gardening!

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