Sweet pea kit contents

Start of March – sowing sweet-peas

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There really is not a lot to report in the garden this week. Firstly it was snowy and then everywhere was frozen. This was followed by a lot of heavy rain, definitely not conditions for gardening.  So, I have been doing something indoors that is sort of gardening. I absolutely adore sweet-peas. In the summer, I love cutting some for the house and enjoying the scent. I have planted some sweet-peas that I found in a kit form in Home Bargains. I have included a link to their website but I bought the kit in an actual store rather than online so it may only be useful in finding your nearest store.

Sweet-peas kit

The kit comes complete with a plastic pink pot, 4 seeds, a bag of compost and a pink plastic clip-on trellis.You are expected to grow the sweet-peas in the pot and up the trellis. It is rather small! I have never had sweet-peas that stay that small but hopefully these will. The kit states that the variety is Villa Roma  and is a super compact dwarf variety.  The kit is branded as Beautifleur by G Plants Ltd.

Sweet-peas kit contents

I have put the compost in the pot, placed it on a saucer, planted the four seeds  and watered the pot. I have covered it with a plastic bag and used an elastic band to hold it in place. This will act as a propagator. It is now sitting on the windowsill in my utility. It will get sun in the afternoon (if there is any) and I am hoping that the seeds will germinate quite quickly. My Dwarf French Marigolds that have already germinated are also on the same windowsill. It is getting quite busy.

Sweet-peas seeds planted


I have already got some sweet-pea plants in my greenhouse that I planted in the autumn but they are full size varieties. I will show you those when I start hardening them off or when I plant them out.

Sweet Peas Success Secrets will show you how to get fantastic sweet pea blooms.

So, that really is all I have done this week in the garden apart from a litter pick after the strong winds blew everybody’s rubbish into my garden (or is that just how it felt?). It will soon get much busier out there.

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