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    DIY Magazine Holder from a Cereal Box

    How about making yourself some stylish magazine holders from old cereal boxes? We all have magazines and papers that we need to keep organised and available. You can select the size you want your box to be to suit your needs and you can decide on the colour scheme. How long it will take you depends on how much you want to decorate your magazine holders. The basic holder takes less than 15 minutes! Why stop there? Why not continue and make all your desk furniture match. Keep reading and see how! You will need: Old cereal box Marker pen and ruler Scissors White Paint (optional) Decorative paper or decoupage…

  • Craft

    Paper Organiser from a cereal box

    In many houses we get through so many cereal boxes. Like me, you probably squash the box and put it out for recycling without really thinking about it too much. But maybe that box could be useful in helping you to organise your home. This tutorial will show you how to take any cereal box and turn it into a paper organiser. The size of organiser you make will depend on the size of cereal box that you start with. So, take a look and follow these instructions to start organising the paper in your life! This page contains affiliate links meaning I earn a commission if you use those links…

  • Craft,  Sewing

    Fabric Greeting Cards

    These fabric greeting cards are great for using up fabric scraps and you can let your creativity run wild. You could design cards for particular events or holidays. I have made general greetings cards to send to friends ‘just because’. I must confess to loving old fashioned ‘snail mail’. It is so nice to receive a card! This page contains affiliate links meaning I earn a small commission if you use those links at no cost to you. I only recommend brands I use and trust. You will need: Fabric scraps Plain cards or card stock (and envelopes) Sewing machine and thread NOTE: you will need a sewing machine needle specifically…

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