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    How to make a folded napkin arrowhead

    In this series of napkin related posts I have been guiding you to make your own fabric napkins which can be found here and to fold them into a rose which you can find here. This post will show you how to fold them really quickly and easily to form a folded napkin arrowhead. These are great if you need your napkins to lie quite flat or, like me, you like symmetry in your displays. They will help you make a stunning table display especially if you have double sided napkins like the ones I am using. You will need: Fabric or paper square napkins   Step 1: Make sure…

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    How to fold a napkin into a rose

    In an earlier post I showed you how to make double sided napkins really easily. You can find that here ‘Fabric Napkins Tutorial‘. Well, now I am going to show you how to make a folded napkin rose. Your table will look fabulous and your guests will be so impressed. I won’t tell them how easy it is! These roses really do look impressive especially with the double sided napkins. Quick and easy to make and easy for your guests to unravel. So, jump in and get started. You will need: Fabric (or paper) napkins Step 1: Take a square napkin and fold it in half to form a triangle.…

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    Fabric Napkins – Make your own in minutes!

    There is something very sophisticated about fabric napkins. They are so much more stylish than paper ones. Perhaps you use them every meal or save them for a special occasion. Either way it is really easy to make your own double sided fabric napkins to match your decor or table setting. You can also make as many as you like so if you are entertaining a lot of guests you can make enough for everyone to have a matching napkin. You can use any fabric you like. Just remember that you need to launder them and they need to feel nice when you use them. Cotton is the easiest and…

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