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    Lavender Bag Hearts to sew for Valentines Day Gifts

    This Valentine’s Day why not show someone how much you care for them by making them a beautiful gift? These gorgeous lavender bag hearts are really quick to make but look gorgeous. You could make one really special one or a collection to wow your loved one! They can use them to freshen their clothes and think about you every time they open that drawer or perhaps sleep with it under their pillow. Lavender helps you sleep! If you want to know more about the possible benefits of lavender read this informative article. This tutorial has everything you need to make your own special lavender bag hearts including a free…

  • Craft,  Sewing

    Lavender ‘Teabag’ Sachet Tutorial

    As you know from my post, how to grow a lavender hedge for £1, I grow my own lavender and harvest it. I make all sorts of lavender bags with it. I decided to share the lavender teabag sachet with you here as a tutorial. NOTE: This is a lavender bag for smelling not making tea with. I have called it a lavender teabag sachet because of its shape. This tutorial is available as a PDF download for a small charge. This will allow you to avoid the ads and print it off if you want to. Simply click here for more details. You will need: Fabric (or used tumble…

  • Gardening

    How to grow a Lavender Hedge for £1

    Yes, you read that correctly. A whole lavender hedge for £1. In this post I will show you exactly how I did it, not once but twice (we moved house)! I love lavender plants in the garden and I adore harvesting the lavender and making lavender gifts for friends and family. Lavender not only smells nice but it helps you to sleep and keeps moths away from your clothes. You Will Need: Lavender seeds Propagator and Seed Trays Compost This may look like a lot of expense but most gardeners have all these items and will just need to buy some seed (I  paid £1). I used Munstead as I wanted…

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