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    French Knitting – How to Cast off and Create Masterpieces

    Well in the previous 2 posts we learnt how to Make a French Knitting Nancy and Cast on and Knit. Now we will learn how to cast off and create a masterpiece with your knitting. This is for when you have got enough French Knitting to make whatever you are wanting to make. You will Need Your French knitting on your Nancy Scissors   Step 1: Select one post, in my case the blue one. Take the loop off the post and carefully place it over the next post along (anti-clockwise) in the same direction as you have been knitting. You should now have 2 loops on that post. Take…

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    French Knitting – How to Cast on and Knit!

    Last week I showed you how to make your own French Knitting Nancy in this post. Well, whether you are using one just like that or one you have bought the technique is the same. You will be able to produce a beautiful tube of knitting to make into a craft item of your choice. If you want some ideas take a look at 22 things to make with French Knitting. You will need: French Knitting Nancy (or doll) Yarn   Step 1: Form a loop using a slip knot as if you were going to do ordinary knitting or crocheting. Place the loop over one of your posts (or…

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    French Knitting Nancy – Make your own

    This tutorial shows you how to make your own French Knitting Nancy for next to nothing. It is a great craft activity for kids groups and organisations as you do not need many items. They are quick and easy to make and kids can learn a new skill using old leftover bits of yarn. Equally well, you can use one of these to make many fine items for all ages! If you want fine knitting then simply use a narrower tube (old wooden cotton bobbins are ideal). This page contains affiliate links meaning I earn a small commission if you use those links at no cost to you. I only recommend…

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