• Completed dressmaking pattern weight
    Craft,  Sewing

    Super Simple Dressmaking Pattern Weights.

    On this site there are various tutorials showing you how to make your own sewing supplies. You can make your own needlebook, make a pincushion that sharpens your pins and make some pattern weights. This tutorial shows you how to complement those items with some small, simple dressmaking pattern…

  • Simplest skirt
    Craft,  Sewing

    The Simplest Skirt Tutorial

    This skirt is so simple to make and is great for summer (or winter) depending on your choice of fabric. This tutorial makes a summer skirt but if you chose a thick fabric it would work just as well for winter. Great for kids skirts too. Just scale it…

  • Clothespin Bag sewn

    Clothespin / Peg Bag To Make

    Whatever you call them, most of us use pegs or clothespins to peg our washing out to dry.  Putting your laundry outside to dry is obviously a great way of saving money and the planet in one go. You need to get your clothespins to the washing line you…