Beautiful hellibore

Spring in the garden – yes, officially

Yes, it is officially spring so it must be in the garden too. In case you are not convinced Gardener’s World is back on the BBC on a Friday evening. These are a few photos from my garden this week. There are a few more flowers than there were in February so spring must really be here.

Crocus in the spring sun
Crocus in the sun
Beautiful hellibore in the spring sun
Beautiful Hellibore
Hyacinth in bud in spring
Hyacinth in bud










I have included the hyacinth as I really think it represents the beauty to come. It is not much to look at now but you know that it promises great colour and fragrance later in spring.

This week I happened to be in Aldi when they had reduced their plug plants of summer bedding. I can never resist a bargain so I had a root through and selected 3 boxes, 2 different gazanias and some lobelia plants. They were all packaged as shown below:


Gazania plug plants Alternative vie of gazallia plug plants



Whilst this packaging really protects the plants and has water retaining gel in the bottom to keep the plants alive I can’t help thinking that it is excessive. They do look attractive and I’m sure it helps sell them. Most of my summer bedding is bought online. This year I have just ordered from Thompson and Morgan. They have got some good deals available. I have ordered a selection of plants including begonias, petunias and antirrhinums. I will compare the packaging on those when they arrive. It will be much more minimal but usually very effective at protecting the plants in transit.

Whilst out in the garden taking photographs I also visited my shed and did a couple of tasks. Last autumn I dug up some dahlia tubers and attempted to overwinter them. So, this week I have planted them up in large plant pots and placed them in the bottom of my greenhouse. I am hoping that some of them will come up and that I can plant them out in the garden later in the spring.

I also potted on the plug plants from Aldi and they are now in a seed tray in individual pockets on my utility windowsill. If they thrive I will move them out to my greenhouse in a couple of weeks. As advised by Monty Don I also planted my tomato seeds. I have planted some seeds called red cherry. I grew them last year and they were gorgeous! They grow as cherry tomatoes on long vines on full sized plants. I grew some in my greenhouse and some on my patio last year as they are an indoor/outdoor variety.

That is about it for this week. I had a quick look at the damage to plants caused by the late cold snap but I decided to leave them alone for now and see how they recover.

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