Ragdoll Bunny Kit
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Ragdoll Bunny Kit

This Ragdoll Bunny Kit by Kirstie Allsopp really is a beautiful ragdoll and so easy to make using this kit. I took one look and loved it so I had to buy one and have a go. I will provide you with a full review so that you can see if it is a good choice for you.

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It is a ‘Ragdoll Bunny Kit by Kirstie Allsopp’ and is available from Hobbycraft for £15. The kit is really nicely presented and as soon as you see and handle the box it suggests good quality. 

Ragdoll Bunny Kit

Upon opening the box you will not be disappointed.

Ragdoll Bunny Kit


What you get:

Fully printed fabric panels


Embroidery thread




Ragdoll Bunny Kit Contents


The Making:

The fabric used is very good quality and all the pieces are clearly printed so there are no paper pattern pieces to cut out, pin round and cut out in fabric. You simply cut out the clearly labelled pieces as you work through the instructions.

Ragdoll Bunny Kit Printed Fabric

I found the instructions clear and simple. You will find some helpful pictures to accompany the text and if you have any sewing experience at all you should have no trouble following them.

It is vital to press your seams as you work as it makes the whole kit much easier and improves the result.


The Finished Articles:

I was really pleased with the bunny and clothes that I made. I enjoyed making them and would really recommend the kit. The kit is ideal to purchase and make for a child. If you purchase it for a child to make then they will need a significant amount of help as some of it is a bit fiddly and sewing experience comes in useful.

Ragdoll Bunny Kit - completed rabbit

If I had any criticisms it would be that the position of the eyes is not marked on the fabric and I had some difficulty getting them in the right place. However that is my only minor criticism.

Ragdoll Bunny Kit Clothes

As you can see you make a selection of clothes that consist of a dress, trousers, hat, net skirt and two collars.






In summary I would really recommend this Ragdoll Bunny Kit by Kirstie Allsopp as it is enjoyable to do and the result is beautiful. The kit is excellent quality so it would make a fantastic gift as a kit for a crafty friend or a completed ragdoll bunny for a friend. Indeed it is gorgeous to make and keep!

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  • Liz mason

    Looks great I have just purchased the kit. I have read all the instructions and the box, unfortunately I can’t find a finished height for the bunny. Before I give it as a gift please can you let me know the sizing.
    Thank you so much.

  • Jacqueline Gray

    I am about to start making this. Do I cut out the pattern on the lines or add on a seam allowance? Thank you for any help

    • Christine

      You are really going to enjoy this kit, I am sure. You simple cut along the lines, no need to add on a seam allowance. Any more queries, just ask.
      Enjoy, Christine

  • Patricia Wilce

    I have just bought this kit as I fell in love with it. It’s my first attempt at this kind of thing. I agree it is lovely quality and value for money. However, I am having trouble understanding the instructions for the hat! It’s probably me being a bit dense. Everything else is coming together beautifully. I’ll just have to persevere!

    • Christine

      You are not being dense. The hat is the hardest part of the kit. Persevere and use plenty of pins and try tacking it first if you are not sure. It does work eventually!

      • Christine wood

        I too, bought my kit at Hobbycraft. The pack was open and the instructions were missing. As it was the last one they had the price was reduced. I thought I could manage without instructions but now feel they will be essential . Does anyone have a copy they could send me, please? I emailed the importer, Avec Uk, but they have not answered my email.

        • Christine

          I am really sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I do not still have my instructions or I would have sent them to you. Perhaps you could try Hobbycraft again directly, maybe through their website rather than a local shop. Sorry I cannot be more help, hopefully someone will see your comment on here. Good luck!

    • Christine

      Oh no. That is such a disappointment for you. I hope that Hobbycraft will put it right quickly for you. There should definitely have been elastic and ribbon in there and embroidery thread for features. I hope you do get it sorted out and enjoy making your bunny.

  • Sandra Brown

    Bought this kit from Hobby craft. Sadly some items missing. However the shop kindly replaced items.
    Loved using kit. Bit confused with a couple of pieces but it was 1st time.
    Realy loving it now ?

    • Christine

      Really sorry to hear that your kit was incomplete. I am glad that they put it right straight away. I enjoyed making it and I love the result. Enjoy your bunny!

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