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This week I am participating in a decluttering challenge. There  are links to it on every page of my blog BUT it only lasts one week so you need to be quick! For free you get a video guide from an expert  and a workbook to help you declutter. Here, I am going to show you how I am getting on using it. If you want to sign up simply click on one of the links in this article.

I have followed her advice and started small. I have cleared out a shelf in a cupboard that was rather scary and a drawer that just gets worse and worse.

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The Shelf!

This is the shelf at the start of the challenge.

Shelf before decluttering challenge

As you can see, it is very cluttered and I was sure that loads of it was out of date! How right I was, I found some instant hot chocolate sachets that were best before October 2014!

Because I knew that the shelf was dirty I did not follow the advice perfectly. I placed everything on the worktop to clean the shelf and then followed the decluttering challenge instructions. They worked really well and I had completed it all in less than 10 minutes!

Here is the result!

Shelf after the decluttering challenge

My husband will be in shock when he sees it later on today!


The Drawer

This is an unusual style of drawer but it works really well for us, except we start throwing stuff in! There are two drawers, a top one and a large bottom one.

The top one looked like this:

Top drawer before decluttering challenge

The biggest problem is that nothing is organised. I followed the instructions and threw away a few items, but not many. Then I re-organised all the stuff into the tray organisers in there. I also removed a few items to other places.

This is the finished result, not much less in there but a lot more organised (trust me it makes sense to us)!

Top drawer after decluttering challenge


The bottom drawer was a complete mess!

Bottom drawer before decluttering challenge

I followed all the instructions but I must confess that I was not ready to look through all my recipes and decide what to keep (or not). I simply tidied them up so that I knew where to look for them.

This is the result:

Bottom drawer after decluttering challenge


None of these challenges took me very long and I was very pleased with the results. Onwards and upwards to tackle other parts of the house using the same technique.

The decluttering challenge is now closed but you can find something even better – The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. It is a fabulous offer so take a look now at The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. You get all the resources shown below for $29.97

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